These days it seems that leftists don’t give a damn about the truth regarding anything.  A great example is Former FBI Director James Comey, who has shown he is expertly skilled at being deceitful. James Comey took to Twitter with a completely false claim about payroll during the temporary government shutdown. The brutal fact-check Comey received on Twitter after posting his lie that FBI agents would spend Christmas without a paycheck, was very well deserved:

Led by Gabriel Malor, he was quickly fact-checked on Twitter:

“Per OMB guidance, checks for Pay Period 26 (December 9-22) will be processed as usual. Which means federal employees will get their normal direct deposit between December 28 and January 3,” one person said in response. “It’s the paychecks *after* that, starting with Pay Period 1, that are stopped.”

Of course as is the practice on Twitter, others joined in:

Or as Judge Judy once famously said, “Don’t pee on our legs and tell us it’s raining.”


JH is correct, and that would be the easiest solution. If he doesn’t talk, he can’t lie.

Well, Emil, I vote for lying. We’ve gotten used to the fact that’s what usually happens when Comey talks.