Jackie Mason is a very very funny guy. Beyond that, he is part of a growing minority in the United States a Right-wing leaning Jew Below, In his own style he gives his reasons for not bailing out the automakers.OK his numbers are a bit off, but its scary the way his reasons make sense.

Remember Packard, LaSalle, and Studebaker? When these auto companies folded, the government didn’t bail them out. That helped General Motors become an auto giant. Now that it has cash problems due to inferior and outdated products, they expect the taxpayers to give them money to continue to do the usual business that got them in this mess in the first place. I love the city of Detroit, and my heart goes out to the people in that area who are devastated by the decline in US auto sales. It’s not their fault that the government and businesses didn’t try to diversify their economy. GM has to sink or swim or the economy there will never recover. Competition is the heart of our economic system. It was what made GM and hopefully what will come to replace GM. I do wish the Feds had bailed out Packard though, they were beautiful cars.

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