I hate to admit it, but I grew up watching Jack Cafferty on local TV news. Even then Jack had this pretentious air about him. His attitude was always “the viewer is an idiot.” I don’t watch him on CNN, which proves that I have gotten much smarter over the years.

Jack always tries to act the “hard nosed reporter,” but he is beginning to lose his edge, probably because he is suffering from dementia. Today he had an episode of dementia on-air, during  the situation room with Wolf Blitzer there was a discussion of the Iranian election. All of a sudden Cafferty began to think he was back in 2000, and that myth the Supreme Court selected the winner of that Presidential election:

ROB SOBHANI: Well for your viewers, I think the best example is if the Supreme Court of America decided who’s going to run for office. And that’s exactly what happened in Iran, the council of guardians decided that Mr. Mousavi, Karroubi, Rezaee, and Ahmadinejad were going to run. So in essence, it is not democratic, but the process ends up being democratic. And that’s the dilemma of the United States right now. Immediately after this, Sobhani was dismissed, and Cafferty introduced. Blitzer wondered aloud if the recent Iranian elections could possibly incite a repeat of the 1979 Iranian revolution – but Cafferty was not satisfied with that historical comparison:

BLITZER: We’ll be watching this story, let’s bring back Jack Cafferty right now. He has the Cafferty file. You know, I don’t know if this is a repeat of 1979, Jack, and you and I are old enough to remember what happened when the Shah was kicked out, or if it’s going to be a Tiananmen Square, if it’s going to be a coup in the Soviet Un – what was the Soviet Union. This is a real fluid situation right now.

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JACK CAFFERTY: Well, we’ll have to wait and see, and it’s probably a day or two from developing in such a way as to give us some indication. I thought the observation about the Supreme Court was interesting. The Supreme Court obviously, in this country, doesn’t decide who’s going to be on the ballot, but in 2000 they decided who was going to be President. Remember that?

BLITZER: I do remember that.

CAFFERTY: Yeah. And a lot of people aren’t buying the outcome of these elections in Iran either.

As Mike Sargent pointed out on Newsbusters:

“[…]a consortium of major US news organizations, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and CNN […] presented as its central finding the claim that Bush would have won the election in Florida—by 493 votes—even if the US Supreme Court had not intervened to stop the statewide recount ordered by the Florida high court. It further asserted that Bush would have won by 225 votes if recounts had been completed in the four Florida counties where Gore was seeking them.”

See Cafferty’s own “news” organization counted all the votes and declared Bush the winner, so it is obvious that Cafferty’s headlights are now on dim.  Maybe its time for CNN to get this man off the Airwaves before he embarrises himself again.