Well the election is over, and I don’t think America Realizes what it just got itself into. My wife put it best, people just don’t believe that Obama really means all the things that he said.

Senator Obama is now President-elect Obama for many Simple Reasons:

  1. Mr Nice Guy: McCain was too nice. When he finally stareted attacking it was too late and the issue became the economy.
  2. The Economy: AS SOON as the economic “doo doo” started hitting the fan McCain should have been beating up on Dodd, Frank and the Democratic Party. He didn’t and lost control of the issue.
  3. He never explained suspending the campaign.
  4. Obama outspent McCain 10 to 1, and don’t forget how hard the media worked to help him. The Media started supporting the democratic ticket as soon as George Bush was elected eight years ago…and that support never waned.
  5. The Republican party is now the party of spending, we allowed President Bush to run up the deficit long before the banking bailout.
  6. The Republican campaigned ignored the Blog world. We broke stories rally voters,all without their help or interest. When you think about it, I broke the Obama/socialist party story in May, it was never picked up. Pamela of Atlas broke the fraudulent campaign contributions before that and it was only recently used. The Party needs to pick up the pace and join the 21st century, the Democrats Did !
  7. To my Jewish Brethren you have just caused a lot more bloodshed in Israel, thanks to many of the major Jewish organizations in the country. I hope I am wrong, but I doubt that I am. We have Just created JEW-ICIDE. Shame on US ! My Prediction is that Israel will attack Iran sometime before inauguration day.and that will lead to a much larger war.

Foks its time for a new GOP, more modern in the WAY it delivers the message but more tradidonal in the message it delivers. We are now the party of opposition, we are now the freedom underground. Today was A Just a battle, tomorow we must get up and fight because the future of our children depend on it. So now I go to sleep, tomorrow Sammy goes back to the Keyboard as a conservative in exile, but not for long.