Guest post by Joe Messina

The last few weeks have been a tough one for law enforcement officials and now they are on high alert ALL across the country.

The last thing we need is the men and women that protect us… all of us, no matter what color, what size, what religion, what dress, or what sexual orientation we are. When it comes to 99.9% of them, they just don’t care. However, like any other profession, there are a few bad apples in every group.

There are almost 1 million law enforcement officials in this country. At any given point in time, there are almost 600 thousand on the streets of America. If what the Left, Texas U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee types have said is true, that “Black boys are hunted down and killed like animals,” then where is all the carnage? All those white, Bible-thumping, conservative, Republican haters who own guns would be out hunting black kids for sport, right? Sound crazy? Because it is!

The week before last, nearly every guest on the show was a black American. It just worked out that way. And one guest in particular, a black female “conservative” (I mention that as a disclaimer because I know some of you give no credibility to black Americans who are conservative) said it’s a real shame that we can’t have an open, honest conversation about this.

Well, she’s right… and wrong. We can’t have the conversation because the Left gets nasty-nasty when you throw facts at them. We can’t because if I, or any other white, ask questions or suggest that committing less crimes, getting on the ground when instructed by an officer, or anything else that might shift blame makes us a racist or hater. BUT guess what? The Left, in stealing words’ meanings, has made them of no affect!

The hard-Left, label-hating Loons have labeled everyone who does not agree with them as “phobic,” “haters,” “racists,” and “bigots.” That makes having an open and civil conversation kind of hard.

Here’s a couple of facts. You can find them on your own. Check out FBI statistics and local law enforcement numbers. DO SOME WORK!

52% of all murders are committed by blacks
Blacks only make up 13% of the American population

Now do you think 13% of a certain group in the population committing over half of the murders somehow makes the police at fault? Or racism at fault? Some of you right now are calling me a racist or picking up the phone calling stations telling them to drop me or telling web sites to stop carrying my column. For what? For speaking the truth? What, now a white guy can’t state real statistics about the black community? If I do, it makes me racist. But if a black guy says the same numbers it’s OK?

Chicago has had over 2100 shootings since the first of year. Over 370 are dead. THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY. These are almost ALL black-on-black crimes in black neighborhoods. Mr. Sharpton, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Obama any thoughts?  No, this optic is not “sexy” enough and there’s certainly not enough money in it!

Sweet Jesus, when are you all gonna wake up and help each other out? Stand up for each other. Take back your neighborhoods! Killing cops, burning down neighborhoods, shutting down freeways does absolutely nothing for you, NOTHING!

Mr. Sharpton, Mr. Jackson, and Mr. Obama, why aren’t you there speaking out against it every day until it stops? Mr. Obama, instead of having a “beer summit” or jumping in on the Michael Brown case before all of the facts were in (you were wrong, it wasn’t hands up don’t shoot!) or talking about how racism abounds in police departments while standing in front of the picture of 5 dead, white cops and their families, do something constructive to help these communities that are imploding. Your distain for any authority but your own astounds us. Even those in your own party are taking notice.

Instead of speaking against the police most of the time, why aren’t you there speaking out against a community who is killing their own. That “certain” group that was excited to have you in office because you were their color and were going to help them out. It’s interesting that they are in worse shape today than they were 8 years ago.

After a shooting like the one in Orlando, I received many nasty emails telling me that because of my commentary on social issues I have blood on my hands. Simply because I don’t agree with certain lifestyles and I don’t believe in abortion, that whenever someone in the LGBTQ community gets hurt or killed it’s my fault. When a woman dies from a botched abortion it’s my fault. There was even one far-Left Loon who wrote telling me that after a 2-year-old girl was raped to death it was specifically my fault because I has done several stories about illegal refugees who were committing crimes, specifically, raping young toddlers and killing them.

Well then, if I follow that logic, your messiah Mr. Obama, has blood on his hands. Mr Obama you have many in your community that look up to you, that see you as a god, a role model, and as always correct.

When looking for the numbers of cops shot in the line of duty, many sites said it was on the decline. I’ll let you guess who controlled those sites. So I decided to use the FBI source… 2014 spiked to 51 up 89% from the year before. One paper wrote that 2015 cop killing was down by 14%. WOW! One year of decline is now a trend? Now, in 2016, we are already up by 44% over last year and we are only half way through the year. We are up over 30 with Sunday morning’s killing. And 12 of these were ambushes. This is not acceptable. NOT AT ALL.

Mr. Obama came out on Sunday in one of the shortest speeches he’s ever given and said that these attacks on our law enforcement have to stop. They are the men and women who protect us. Great… What are you going to do to make that happen? Are you going to stop having the Black Lives Matter (BLM) people at the White House and stop telling them what great jobs their doing? Give up one golf game a week and visit an inner city that needs help? Go on a weekend. Show them what a great community organizer you were.

Mr. Obama, if you don’t ratchet up your support for the police and call for your ”leaders” the Sharpton’s and the Jackson’s of the world to go out and denounce the violence then shame on you!

As the leader of the free world and America, the place you say you love, as the person you say has brought peace to the Middle East, repaired our international relationships, has ISIS on the run, has healed our economy, and fixed our middle America problem, why don’t you take some of that magic, get the cop killers on the run, and give them a reason to stop killing our protectors?!

I am forever Blue. Blue Lives Matter, as do ALL lives!

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