CAIR isn’t the only one. Sometimes when you don’t have logic on your side you resort to other ways to get your point across. The interview below is with Melanie Morgan, radio show host, author and passionate advocate of America’s participation in the War on Terror. As co-founder of Move America Forward she rallies US support for our Heroes overseas. Unfortunately those most radical on the left, such as the Daily Kos threaten and attack her on a daily basis. The interview is a good read and even better—it was written by Susan Duclos AKA Spree of Wake Up America Fame:

Patriotism, on the march

By Susan Duclos – A chairman and co-founder of Move America Forward, San Francisco radio talk-show host Melanie Morgan has been rallying Americans since 2004 to support the war on terrorism and the U.S. military. In July 2005, Mrs. Morgan led a delegation of talk-radio hosts to Iraq to interview U.S. troops. These interviews were broadcast live, unedited and unfiltered. The resulting “Voices of Soldiers” program won the Associated Press award for Best Special Program. Last year, she wrote the best-seller “American Mourning,” which tells the story of two American heroes killed in the war on terrorism.

This week and next, she is leading Move America Forward’s march for victory from Nevada to Washington, D.C. Here are excerpts from a telephone interview with The Washington Times.

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Question: What would you like to tell people about Move America Forward and the Victory Tour?

Answer: Move America Forward is the largest pro-troop organization in the country with over a million members, and we are very excited to be joining together with a number of other pro-troop organizations, leading up to General [David H.] Petraeus’ report on the surge, which is due somewhere around September 15. We are hoping to have between 30,000 and 50,000 people in Washington, D.C., to support General Petraeus and ask Congress to give his report a fair hearing.

Move America Forward is going to begin this process by starting in Carson City, Nevada, in front of the offices of Senator Harry Reid, and we are going to travel 4,384 miles across the nation with 27 stops, with rallies calling for continued support of the U.S. troops based in Iraq.

We call it the Fight for Victory Tour, and we feel that this is taking place at a very critical time. The surge is beginning to show success in Iraq, and the additional 20,000 troops that have been stationed there have made a dramatic difference, and even the so-called mainstream media is beginning to take note of that. We have been getting reports back from the Brookings Institution, their two scholars have been there, and they have reported that there is definitely a change in military tactics and strategy, and it’s working.

We want to call the public’s attention to this fact, and we are going to do that by working around the national media, which is refusing to report the truth about what is happening there, with our 27 stops across America and the local media, so the word can get out.

Q: There is a concentrated effort by the left, blogs, YouTube and DailyKos to attack you. Can you tell us the nature of the attacks? Are they personally life-threatening attacks or just on the Move America Forward movement itself?

A: I have received dozens and dozens of death threats and some of the most vile and reprehensible e-mails that anybody could possibly imagine, or maybe not. I mean I never thought that people were capable of such hatred because a proud, patriotic American woman like myself has joined with others to deliver a message to America that we support our troops.

I had no idea it was so controversial, but apparently it is in this politicized day and age. I have been getting hit personally, and YouTube attacks, e-mails that go to my personal Web site; it’s just been astonishing to me the level of vitriol that has been leveled at me.

Q: Speaking of attacks, last year there was another attempt by the left to lead an ad boycott against your station, KSFO, over comments characterized by the New York Times as “violent, racially offensive and religiously insensitive.”

A: Yes.

Q: Did you lose any advertisers from that attack?

A: We lost a few advertisers in the very beginning of the attack, but then they came back again and other advertisers came on board, so the efforts by some of these people, who are what I call “crackpots with keyboards,” were largely unsuccessful. They tried to get me blackballed from MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews.” That was a miserable flop.

They definitely did make life difficult for a while, for all of us in the talk-radio world, particularly my co-host Lee Rodgers, [KSFO colleague] Brian Sussman. We were all targeted by these individuals, and all of these people have now disappeared. They have gone away on the Internet, and our voices are still louder and stronger than before, so I consider it a failed effort by some people filled with some really dangerous ideas.

Q: I wanted to ask about the New York Times and its executive editor, Bill Keller.

A: This has been a controversy that began back in 2006. I was asked on “Hardball” about the controversy over the publication of top-secret classified information about the very successful [counter]terrorist program, which looks at money coming from overseas for terrorist financing in this country. I was asked whether I thought [publishing it] was treasonous, and I said yes and that I believe that anybody who leaks or publishes classified information in a time of war should be held accountable.

We were both unaware of the fact that the penalty for treason is the death penalty, but I was asked later to expand on that by Joe Garofoli of the San Francisco Chronicle, when he informed me that the punishment for treason is death. I said yes, I would have no problem whatsoever if Mr. Keller were to be charged and tried for treason, then he should obviously face what is the punishment, which is death.

Of course that was taken out of context, the media blared it as “talk-show host calls for execution of Bill Keller,” which is just ridiculous.

The fact of the matter is when you pose that question to the American public, in a Gallup Poll shortly after this erupted into national headlines, at the New York Times and other major media publications and on television, 62 percent of the American public agreed with my position that if you betray classified information, if you leak it or if you publish it in a time of war, then you need to face the consequences of your actions. …

It was a manufactured story, but I stand by my comments, and I redouble them. I am as convinced today as I was when I said them over a year and a half ago that I have the right position.