The news media talks as if the only think going on in Israel is war, preparing for war. Israel is so much more than that. For example Israel’s technology companies are constantly finding ways to make the world a better and healthier place. Here are two such stories from Israel 21C

Health | Israeli ‘virtual cancer’ engine accurately predicts breast cancer patients’ response to treatment
A new study conducted in England has shown that Optimata’s Virtual Cancer Patient Engine (VCP) enabled doctors to correctly predict how individual breast cancer patients will respond to chemotherapy treatment in 70 percent of cases. This is substantially higher than the current prediction accuracy of oncologists which is estimated to be 25-30%. Tailoring treatments to individual patients will ensure the best possible outcome for every patient, and experts says that this Israeli development could have a big impact on how cancer patients are treated in the future. More…

Health | Israeli innovation prevents need for frequent catheter replacement
Nothing about staying in the hospital is comfortable, but Israeli company Flexicath hopes to help relieve one of the most annoying and painful experiences of an extended hospital stay – having an IV line repeatedly inserted into your arm. Currently, in order to prevent inflammation and infection, IV lines need to be changed every three days. Flexicath has solved that problem by developing an IV catheter – the FirmGrip – that can be left in place for up to 20 days. More…

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