The word “kafuffle” appeared in a Sunday Monitor Viewpoints column called “A tip for Clinton: Change the subject” by Hillary Nelson on Nov. 11. Webster’s New Millennium Dictionary of English defines it as “disorder” or “commotion.” It can also be spelled curfuffle, kafuffle and gefuffle. The etymology is not Yiddish but rather Gaelic. Peter Davis of Laconia New Hampshire doesn’t care–he thinks that the Joowse have too much influence on the press.

A language kafuffle Peter Davis, Laconia A brouhaha over a kerfuffle breaks out What is a “kafuffle”? It’s not in the dictionary. Is it just another proofreading error? Or is it a further example of your acquiescence to the Israelization of American culture by attempting to pass obscure Yiddish words into the mainstream of the American language? It’s bad enough that we are steered toward war with the entire Arab world and beyond because our “friend” Israel won’t relinquish its occupation of Palestine and make peace with its neighbors. Still we are suckered into giving Israel, the 14th richest country on earth, billions and billions of our tax dollars in foreign aid every year, and we gave it carte blanche to rampage through Lebanon destroying everything in its path and inflicting collective punishment on its people, an aggression internationally condemned as a war crime, yet condoned by the Bush administration and sheepishly accepted by the American people. How can we hold our heads high and proud when our own county illegally attacks and invades an Arab country that had done nothing to us, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians and wrecking their entire infrastructure, clearly Bush war crimes, all for the benefit of Israel because Saddam was assisting the families of Palestinian martyrs in their struggle against the illegal Israeli occupation of their land? We shouldn’t be proud to be associated with Israel, and I don’t appreciate their insidious adulteration of our language. PETER DAVIS Laconia