Israel has long had a policy of not releasing Palestinian Prisoners with “blood on their hands,” in other words, terrorist who have caused Deaths through their actions. This is all about to change. Oh, they are still going to keep anyone with “blood on their hands” in prison, they are just going to change the definition of someone with “blood on their hands.”

For all intents and purposes the new definition is, “if you killed and didn’t wash your hands” you are considered as someone with “blood on their hands.”Almost all of the terrorists who have murdered will be eligible for release.

The latest polls show that Israeli citizens are seeing right through that nonsense:

A poll conducted Tuesday by the Hebrew-language Ma’ariv newspaper found some two-thirds of the Israeli public is adamantly opposed to freeing terrorist prisoners with “blood on their hands,” even in exchange for IDF Cpl. Gilad Shalit…
…..Prime Minister Ehud Olmert appointed a Cabinet committee this week to review the government’s criteria for freeing the criminals, including Barghouti, who is extremely popular among grassroots Palestinian Authority Arabs.
“Blood on their hands” currently applies to any terrorist who was involved in a fatal attack on Israelis, including the commander who gave the order, whether or not they personally carried out the attack. A terrorist who tried to kill Jews but failed is not labeled as having blood on his hands…..The majority of respondents in the Ma’arivhudna, or pause in hostilities with Hamas. Forty-six percent of respondents favored a large-scale invasion of Gaza by the IDF.

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poll – 59 percent – also opposed conducting a A different poll, conducted last week by Ma’agar Mochot (Brain Trust) came up with similar results. The December 19 survey found that 62 percent of respondents supported a military operation to break the Hamas terrorist group’s stranglehold on Gaza.The findings, released by IDF Army Radio this Tuesday, showed that only 26 percent of the Israeli public opposes a major IDF incursion into Gaza. The Ma’agar Mochot poll surveyed 509 Israeli adults on December 19 with a margin of error of 4.5 percent.Israeli officials on Sunday rejected overtures by Hamas to discuss a hudna, which many military experts believe would simply give the group time to regroup, after IDF operations slowed down intensified mortar rocket attacks by Gaza terrorists on Jewish communities in the western Negev. “Hamas is considering a ceasefire because IDF operations are so successful,” Barak told reporters. Escalated air strikes and targeted attacks against Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist leaders and strongholds eliminated more than 20 operatives last week. Source Poll: Israelis Oppose Releasing Terrorist Murderers

Now Barak is saying no…but then why is he in Egypt today? Do I smell a bit of talking out of both sides of his mouth? From the Olmert government?…..NAH!