Once again, the Palestinians are proving that they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Since Olmert agreed to the “cease-fire” of the objections of Israel’s defense forces, there have been a countless barrage of Kassams fired into Kibbutzim, shootings, stabbings and attempted homicide bombings. Yesterday was just a typical day under the Olmert peace plan:

Troops kill Palestinian in West Bank
JPost.com Staff, THE JERUSALEM POST Dec. 14, 2006
Israeli troops dressed as civilians killed a Palestinian terrorist in the West Bank city of Nablus on Thursday, Palestinian witnesses and medical officials said. The soldiers shot and killed Muhammad Ramaha, the 26-year-old leader of the Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades in the Ein Beit-Ilma refugee camp near Nablus. According to Army Radio, Ramaha’s lieutenant was also killed. Aslo near Nablus on Thursday, IDF troops prevented a terrorist attack after arresting four Fatah [as in Abbas the moderate’s party] operatives with eight kilos of explosives in their possession. The soldiers, operating at a recently reopened checkpoint east of Nablus, noticed the explosives in the trunk of a vehicle they were inspecting.Security officials said there were presently eight concrete terror warnings, mostly from the northern West Bank, concerning suicide attacks inside Israel, shooting attacks and kidnappings. In the early hours of Thursday morning, two Kassam rockets were fired at southern Israel. One landed in a kibbutz, damaging several buildings. No one was wounded.

Don’t think of those Kassams as a cease-fire violation, no they are an early Chanukah present

Palestinian terrorist groups have launched over 20 Kassam rockets at Israeli communities since a November 26 cease fire was agreed upon.

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Ehud is right, isn’t peace wonderful?

There is good news today, the Israeli Supreme court ruled that targeted assasinations are legal. As YNET reported:

High Court Judges, headed by retiring Supreme Court President Aharon Barak, on Thursday morning rejected the petition to prohibit the Israel Defense Forces’ targeted killing policy.

The ruling established that restrictions and limitations must be put on the policy, such that each instance will be thoroughly examined

In its justification of the ruling, the court wrote that “it cannot be determined in advance that every targeted killing is prohibited according to customary international law, just as it cannot be determined in advance that every targeted killing is permissible according to customary international law.”

Justice Barak wrote in the ruling that “at times democracy fights with one hand tied behind her back. Despite that, democracy has the upper hand, since preserving the rule of law and recognition of individual liberties constitute an important component of her security stance. At the end of the day, they strengthen her and her spirit, and allow her to overcome her difficulties.”

Now THAT is a GOOD early Chanukah present.