OK, Where is Allen Funt?  After reading the media reports describing four days of Palestinian rockets fired from Gaza into Israel I expect the late Candid Camera host to pop out of the shadows exclaiming his signature “Smile You’re on Candid Camera.”

 Since Friday over 160 rockets have been fired by Islamic terrorists into Israel (at this writing 3pm Israel time 30 have been fired today). Instead of reporting the story as Israel defending herself, the media is creating a false moral equivalency between the missiles fired by Islamic Jihad and Israel’s retaliation. Even worse, some sources are reporting Israel as the aggressor.

Take a look at some of these headlines:

Not one “Terrorists Fire 150 Rockets Into Israeli Towns” Or “Israel Retaliates For Missile Barrage.” Heck I would even take “16 Terrorists Killed in Israeli Retaliation

And for those of  you thinking “et tu Foxte?”  The days of Fox news being fair to Israel ended when Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal purchased a 7 percent stake in News Corp  making him the largest shareholder outside Rupert Murdoch’s family. For those who may not remember bin Talal is the guy who offered to give New York City ten million dollars right after 9/11.  His offer was refused by Mayor Giuliani because the Prince made a public declaration, blaming 9/11 on Israel.

Since Israel began retaliating for this week’s rocket attacks, 16 terrorists were killed and sadly, two civilians.  Fellow blogger Challah Hu Akbar details who was killed and the (mostly Palestinian) sources naming them as members of terrorist groups.

Popular Resistance Committees:
Islamic Jihad:

Mahmoud Najim

Even the two civilian deaths should be pinned on the terrorist groups as they purposely embed their operations in civilian areas forcing the population to serve as human sheilds.

Perhaps the worst example of biased reporting (to date) was the Times of London (paywall). They ran a picture of the Israeli Iron Dome rockets launched to intercept and (hopefully) shoot down the Palestinian barrage, and labeled it as an Israeli attack on Gaza. (H/T Honest Reporting)

Wrong. The Iron Dome intercepts Palestinian rockets approaching Israeli population centers like Ashdod, Ashkelon, Beersheva, etc.

The reporting of the rocket barrage from Gaza into Israel has been nothing short of disgusting.

It kind of makes one wonder what they would write if (God Forbid!) those rockets were fired into Miami.

There is one good thing coming out of the biased reporting, it  puts a dent into Media Matters’ claims that the Jews control the media.