The Latest Dahaf Poll of Israeli citizens regarding the Prime Minister is out and the results show that the public’s perception of the PM is worse than awful. (You can read the entire poll on YNET here)

69% of Israelis think he is not a good leader

80% think that he went into Lebanon without thinking things through (56% say going in was the right thing to do)

77% are dissatisfied with his performance as PM

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62% think he does not deal well with pressure

74% Do not like Olmert’s decion making process

60% do not think Olmert has integrity

(The only person that claps for Olmert is Omert)

HOLY MAKERAL!!!! Ehud are you reading this? At one of the most crucial points in the history of Israel your constituents think they have a Lousy PM, who isn’t honest, can’t handle pressure or lead and has a lousy decision making process. And the worst part of the whole thing is they are right. Any mandate you had when you got elected a year ago is GONE. If you love your country….listen to them…JUST GET OUT!

Where is the opposition? Why aren’t the opposition parties calling for early elections? Folks its time. If Olmert doesn’t get out on is own, as they say in Brooklyn, THROW DA BUM OUT! Israel is almost completely surrounded by terrorists, facing increasing pressure to make more one sided concessions. The military is too busy patting them selves on the back to figure out what went they did wrong in Lebanon, the Foreign Minister is creating her own foreign policy… And there is no leader at the top of the food chain. ACT NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!