Pseudo-Zionists such as Rabbi Michael Lerner of Tikkun Magazine feel that the United States should not put any pressure on Iran for its weapons program. “What exactly gives us the moral right to be lecturing North Korea or even Iran on who should or should not have nuclear weapons?” New presidential appointment, former Senator Chuck Hagel, feels that the United States should be unconditionally reaching out to both Iran and Hezbollah.

Today, Israel’s Navy has proven them both wrong.The navy has intercepted a ship carrying weapons from Iran to Hezbollah 100 miles off the Israeli coast. Marines boarded the Antiguan-flagged vessel, discovered it was carrying weapons and brought it to the port of Ashdod. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the weapons were “destined to strike Israel’s cities”. The Israeli military said the ship was “carrying a variety of weapons disguised as civilian cargo”.

Defense officials said the 140-meter long Francop, captured near Cyprus, was carrying arms sent by Iran and destined for Syria and Hizbullah.

More than 60 tons of weaponry were on board, in dozens of containers. The Francop carried hundreds of containers.

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A significant amount of 122 mm. Katyusha rockets, likely made in Iran, assault rifles, mortar shells and grenades were found on board.

Israel Radio reported that advanced anti-aircraft platforms not before found in the region were also on board.

Military intelligence had been following the ship’s progress for several days. The vessel is German, and its captain of Polish nationality. 

The elite Navy Commando unit Shayetet 13 soldiers, who didn’t encounter resistance on board, found the weapons and ammunition cache hidden behind what appeared to be a civilian cargo.

Israel’s leadership congratulated the commandos on the mission:

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak congratulated the military on its success in preventing “arms from reaching the northern terror arena”.

The country’s deputy defence minister, Matan Vilmai, said the consignment included Katyusha rockets and said the ship’s crew were not thought to have been aware of the smuggling operation.

Israeli media quoted anonymous defence officials as saying the arms included anti-tank missiles and could have been bound either for Syria or for Hezbollah militants in Lebanon – with the source of the weapons assumed to be Iran.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated the Israeli army, navy and security forces on a successful action to prevent the supply of weapons that he said were destined to strike Israel’s cities. 

Since Israel’s offensive in Gaza last December and January, the Israeli navy and air force have been have conducting intense searches in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea for ships smuggling weapons either to Hezbollah or to Hamas in Gaza.

Today’s action is more proof of what happens when you appease terrorists such as Iran and Hezbollah.  You may have short-term peace, but in the end you are just giving them an opportunity to rearm and attack you later.  As Israeli President Shimon Peres said today:

“The capture of the Iranian weapons’ ship is an important achievement to the IDF and the State of Israel,” President Shimon Peres said Wednesday, following the capture of the Francop, a vessel carrying more than 60 tons of weaponry, including Katyusha rockets and anti-tank missiles.

“The ship, probably hailing from Iran, was destined to reach Syria and Hizbullah. All sides involved deny [any connection] but the world is aware of the gap between what Syria and Iran say and how they actually act,” Peres added.

The world may be aware but they still appease.