Jeff how can they?

The Emails and twitters came fast and furious once it was announced that Barack Obama was to receive Israel’s Presidential Medal of Distinction.

In fact, Obama will be the first sitting American president to receive Israel’s Presidential Medal of Distinction.

“It will be the first time in history that a serving president of the United States of America will receive an award of this kind from the president of the State of Israel,” the office said in a statement, according to the Israeli publication The Times of Israel.

How could Israel give its most prestigious civilian award to the most anti-Israel US President in the Jewish State’s almost 65-year history? The answer is simple…Israel isn’t awarding Obama anything; Israeli President Shimon Peres is presenting the award.

The role of President in Israel is supposed to be a non-political figurehead job–welcome guests dedicate new buildings, and going to funerals. The job is something akin to the role of VP when Hubert Humphrey held the position. Humphrey was asked if his family thought he was missing during his VP tenure, he said, “No, I was VP, similar but not quite the same”

President was supposed to be a great role for Peres, welcoming new immigrants off the plane, going to state funerals, cutting the ribbon for building dedication. NO POWER—-NO CHANCE for Power. And the term of office is for SEVEN YEARS. When his term is over he will be well over 170 years old (or it will seem like it).

Peres is a man who never won an election but served as Israeli Prime Minster twice. You got to hand it to the drooling old SOB though; he’s got fight in him. What he doesn’t have is any sense of timing or appropriateness. Of course that has nothing to do with his age Peres has always had a knack of saying the stupid thing at a stupid time. This is just another example.

The Israeli President is also the godfather of the Oslo appeasements and “peace process” which the vast majority of Israelis would call a major failure. The Oslo deals gave away to the Palestinians, and Israel received nothing but terrorism in return.

So it is no surprise that Shimon Peres is honoring Barack Obama. First of all, Obama gave Peres the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012. Even more important is the fact that Shimon Peres is a powerless politician–a man who is an extreme peacenik…who believes in peace without guarantees–just like Obama.

This award is the action of a powerless man trying to use the power he doesn’t have!