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Boy those Iranians sure know how to spin a phrase. Yesterday the head of Iran’s revolutionary guard commander Muhammad Ali Jafari, wrote a condolence no to the head of Hizbullah telling him that “The cancerous growth Israel will soon disappear.”

“I am convinced that with every passing day Hizbullah’s might is increasing and in the near future, we will witness the disappearance of this cancerous growth, Israel, by means of the Hizbullah fighters’ radiation,” wrote Jafari.

In the letter in which Jafari consoled Nasrallah over the death of the “martyr”[Imad Mughniyeh], he wrote: “There’s no doubt that the death of this loyal fighter will strengthen the resolve of all revolutionary Muslims and fighters in the struggle against the Zionist regime, and particularly the resolve of those who fought by this martyr’s side.

Beautiful isn’t it? And so very consoling.

Mughniyeh was considered to be closely affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards and the Quds Brigades. Together the two organizations trained Hizbullah fighters in Lebanon and Iran and planned terror attacks the world over. Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti newspaper A-Rai quoted officials close to Hizbullah as saying that the group would not rush to avenge Mughniyeh’s death but that it intended to target Israeli figures of a similar rank to the terrorist, who was the guerrilla group’s chief of staff. The newspaper noted that after the killing of former Hizbullah head Abbas Musawi, the organization retaliated years later against Israeli and Jewish targets in Buenos Aires. A-Rai also reported that Mughniyeh himself had prepared a list of Israeli assassination targets following the Second Lebanon War, when Israel announced its intention to assassinate Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah. Meanwhile, the editor of the Hizbullah-affiliated Al-Akhbar newspaper, Ibahim El Amin, said that it was clear Israel was behind Mughniyeh’s assassination and that there was an ongoing investigation to determine who had joined the US and Israel in its war against the resistance in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq. Source jpost

Of course, the US Intelligence report saying that Iran has stopped building Nukes gives the country an open path to continue developing its nuclear arsenal with their intended aim of making Israel disappear especially no that the US SPY Report Chief On Iran Nukes Says OOPS We Were Wrong.

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