Last week President Obama created a controversy because of who he wanted to invite to American Embassys July 4th Bar-b-Que across the world (Iran). That solve a new controversy is brewing, this time over who doesn’t want to partake in the Presidential wieners.

There is now a movement within the Israeli Prime Minister’s Likud party to boycott the July 4th celebration at the American Ambassador’s residence.  Apparently the legislators are so disgusted with President Obama’s one-sided anti-Israel policy they intend to boycott the celebration and are calling for all members of the Knesset to follow suit.

The annual reception, held at the ambassador’s Herzliya Pituah residence, was described by at least one lawmaker as “a see-and-be-seen event,” to which politicians usually flock.

But this year, said MK Danny Danon who wrote the letter calling on other legislators to stay away from the gathering, “the majority of coalition members will not attend.”

Danon said he was certain most of his fellow Likud members would be absent, as would representatives from Shas. A number of MKs from his own party, he said, already approached him in the hours after the letter was sent to tell him they would not attend.

“There is a certain air of bitterness these days – whether it was the picture of [US President Barack] Obama with his shoes up on the table while he spoke with the prime minister or the statement by [US Envoy George] Mitchell that Israeli ‘doesn’t stop lying’ – there is a certain mood and style in Washington that makes it hard to go and celebrate,” Danon explained.

The event is scheduled for Wednesday evening at eight, and Netanyahu is planning to attend. A number of Likud MKs weren’t sure Tuesday whether or not their chairman would oppose or approve their decision to avoid the event.

Danon’s call came hours before sources close to Defense Minister Ehud Barak revealed he had failed in his attempt to reach an agreement with the Americans regarding the future of the settlements.

“American independence is the model for western nations, including for Israel. As the Americans would rise up against any attempt of outside involvement in their internal affairs, so too will Israel ignore all types of involvement on the part of America and others,” said Danon.

“The statements recently heard by representatives of the American government regarding Israel’s commitment to stop building in Judea and Samaria, including natural growth, and the statements that accuse Israel of lying over the years to the White House, seriously damage Israel’s honor. I call upon MKs to boycott the event at the ambassador’s house, to deliver to the American administration a clear message – that the State of Israel is independent and not President Obama’s pet.”

In his letter, Danon argued that it was America that “was trying to call into question the State of Israel’s independence.”

In response, US Embassy spokesman Stuart Tuttle said, “We hope that everyone who was invited to our celebration was able to and chooses to attend. (Source) 

One can’t blame these legislators for being upset with the United States and Obama’s one-sided policy.  They should also be upset with the American Jews, three quarters of whom believed that Obama would be a friend of Israel.  What a bunch of wienies!