This week is Gaza week in the world of de-legitimizing Israel. It seems that every 30 minutes or so, another groups was on the attack: The UN, The WHO, EU—you name it they blamed Israel for everything bad in Gaza, the Health Crisis, The Energy Crisis, the lack of cookie-dough Ice Cream…EVERYTHING. Its amazing how everyone can find away to blame Israel for the lack of movement with-in Gaza and and in and out of Gaza.

First of all Israel does not surround Gaza. It has a border with Egypt. ISRAEL HAS EVERY RIGHT TO SEAL OFF ITS BOARDER WITH GAZA. Why should Israel be responsible for the free-flow of goods, services and people in and out of a territory it is at war with? Call it what it is…Israel is at war with Hamas in Gaza. By my count, Hamas has sent almost 40 rockets into civilian areas of Israel in the last five days –that’s called war. The fact that Israel’s mentally challenged Prime Minister refuses to fight back and protect Israel does not make it any less of a war.

LOOK AT A MAP ! GAZA HAS TWO SIDES ! Egypt is not at war with Hamas, let them become the transportation depot. Why should Israel have to put her citizens at risk? WHO DO YOU THINK SUPPLIED GAZA BEFORE 1967–New Jersey? It was EGYPT !!!

As CAMERA pointed out today

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A recent news report explained:

Israel said on Thursday that it has protested to Egypt for opening a border crossing with Gaza for the first time since the Hamas takeover to allow Muslim pilgrims to leave on the annual hajj. “Israel expressed its dissatisfaction and its preoccupation to Egypt” via diplomatic channels … . Another official said: “Israel is worried about the risk that terrorists may slip through among the pilgrims to go train in Iran.” Since Monday, some 2,000 Palestinians from Gaza have been allowed to cross into Egypt via the Rafah border crossing. That is the only crossing that bypasses Israel and it has been closed since Islamist Hamas seized power in the territory in June.

If Israel can do nothing more than file a diplomatic complaint when Egypt, against Israel’s wishes, permits 2,000 Palestinians to cross the Rafah crossing out of the Gaza Strip, then it obviously does not control the border between the Strip and Egypt. Old Canards Die Hard at AFP 5

Since Israel does not control the boarder between Gaza and Egypt, there can only be one explanation for the complaints about Israel closing off a desire for dead Israelis. And that…like the refusal of EGYPT to supply Gaza, is unacceptable.