Here a good news energy story from one of the few countries in the Middle-east not trying to screw us via petroleum costs

Agam Energy Systems, an Israeli company has developed a piston-less turbine engine, featuring a new kind of compressor that has the potential to revolutionize the automotive industry. The engine will consume 1/5 of the gas and emit 1/10 of the pollution. The engine is compatible to engines presently being used and could be retrofit into today’s models:

American automakers are already taking notice, the company reports.

Agam’s chief technology officer and visionary is Dr. Gad Assaf, a physicist in energy and thermodynamics, who worked for the successful alternative energy company Ormat. According to Ofer Spottheim, the business development manager at Agam, Ormat considers Assaf to be one of the most creative minds in the business.

And while Agam’s engine has passed feasibility studies, it’s still in R&D. It could be ready by 2012 if a significant investment is made: “All the western world probably wishes it were ready right now,” Spottheim tells ISRAEL21c.

Now in touch with one of the world’s biggest manufacturing companies, Agam is hoping for the stars to align so that it can get the strategic partner it needs to shift into high gear.

“We have a prototype ready of the crucial part of the engine,” says Spottheim. “The breakthrough is the compressor, which is now working according to expectations.”

Agam’s turbine engine could be fitted into a regular car with some gear modifications, such as a Toyota Camry, and offer 100 miles to the gallon, the company boasts. This compares to about 21 miles to the gallon of today’s average car. Road efficiency in cars is about 10 percent, says Spottheim, while Agam’s engines promise 55% efficiency….

While the motor industry today revolves around piston engines, Agam’s engine is based on a two phase (liquid gas) turbine-like engine. Previous attempts to create a turbine-based engine have failed, the company believes, because of the energy needed by the turbines to run the compressors.

Agam says it has solved the problem by creating a revolutionary liquid ring compressor that achieves a much higher mechanical efficiency. 

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