By Israeli Girl

Music is the voice of peace, but to some anything to do with Israel is a reason for hate. A few weeks ago, singer Macy Gray was the target as she planned her visit in Israel. Now it’s the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, which is on tour in the US this February. A protest is being planned outside Carnegie Hall while the Philharmonic plays inside. decided to investigate who’s behind this protest and what’s the real motive. Our investigation led us to bizarre organizations spreading dark conspiracy theories and supporting terror.

A press release by Palestinian News Agency names Adalah-NY as the main group organizing the protest against the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra. A look at their donations box shows that Adalah NY is operating under the umbrella of the Wespac Foundation.
Enter Wespac Foundation which calls itself “the leading force in Westchester County for peace and justice”. On its web site, Wespac explicitly blames Israel of crimes against humanity, calling for “an end to all policies of apartheid and ethnic cleansing;”. Furthermore, Wespac supports the right of return for Palestinian refugees and “the right of all people to resist occupation and oppression”. In essence, Wespac supports the elimination of the Jewish state using any means to fight the “oppressive” zionist entity.

Wespac Foundation is led by Nada Khader. There is no better way to learn about an organization than to study the person who runs it. Mrs. Khader is a Palestinian woman that has been living in the US since she was a child. She is a frequent speaker at campuses across the states and many of her speeches are available online.

Mrs. Khader is very articulate. Listening to her speeches uncovers conspiracy theories and support for terrorism that shed a different light on her views and those of the organizations she represents. Here are a couple of quotes from Mrs. Khader speeches:
  • “They [the Palestinians] have not been allowed to live lives of dignity and that was
    the cause of the rockets [fired by Hamas on Israeli citizens] by the way” (source – speech given in Binghamton University, February 12, 2009)
  • “The Hollywood industry has created over 700 commercial films for American consumption that portray my [Arab] community in a derogatory manner […] Why? To justify American policy in our region [the Middle East]. It is easier for Americans to accept dropping bombs on Palestinians in Gaza, on Palestinians in Lebanon, on Iraqi people, on Lebanese people. It is easier for you to accept that when you are used to seeing dehumanized images of Arabs every single day. So there is a collusion between the Hollywood industry and the Pentagon”  (source – talk given at Greenwich, CT, October 2008)
Read carefully what Mrs. Khader is saying – she justifies shooting rockets, specifically aimed at children and women in Israeli cities. She justifies terror against civilians. She also believes that Hollywood and the Pentagon secretly work together to manipulate the American public opinion.
So while the Israeli Philharmonic will give a beautiful classical performance inside Carnegie Hall, those that support terror and feel that Hollywood and the Pentagon are collaborating against them will demonstrate outside.
Click here to send a  support letter to the executives at Carnegie Hall. Tell them the background of the demonstration taking place outside, counter the hate spread by Adallah NY and support the Israeli Philharmonic.