Debbie Schlussel introduces us to Fanchon Stinger.

-the face of FOX/NewsCorp’s Detroit owned-and- operated Detroit TV station–is embroiled in an FBI sting regarding bribery of the Detroit City Council for a multi-million dollar sludge operation. It involves Stinger’s Muslim boyfriend, Rayford Jackson. Stinger, who hosts the station’s top-rated morning show, is also Muslim and an activist for Islamic causes.

Fanchon is not your typical “Fair and Balanced” Fox reporter:

For many years, I’ve complained to the management at FOX/NewsCorp’s owned-and-operated Detroit station about Anchor/Reporter Fanchon Stinger’s and other reporter’s biased and false reporting on Islamic and terrorism issues and about Ms. Stinger’s hosting of events by the pro-HAMAS/Hezbollah American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC). And they did nothing. The news outlet’s relationship, via the Islamic Ms. Stinger and Station Manager Jeff Murri, is so tight that in 2006, FOX 2 News reported as news, a false e-mail sent to them by ADC chief and “former” Islamic terrorist Imad Hamad, as fact. The e-mail claimed that LIFE for Relief and Development, an Al-Qaeda/HAMAS charity raided by the FBI, had been cleared of all charges, when, in fact, the agency had only just been raided and was very much under investigation. FBI agents were pissed. News Director Dana Hahn told me at the time that this would never happen again and that next time, they’d actually check out and investigate the story before they reported it. But it DID happen again, repeatedly. And then, there are Stinger’s hosting of events for the pan-terrorist ADC. I complained to FOX 2’s Hahn and Murri about her and other FOX 2 news anchors and reporters hosting events for an organization which openly supports Hezbollah and HAMAS and their homicide bombings and which was boycotting Detroit area banks over their sponsorship of a pro-Israel event. I asked Murri if a FOX 2 reporter would host a Zionist Organization of America event, and he said, “No. ADC is different.” Yes, it is “different,” because ADC supports mass murder.

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But now Stinger and her Muslim boyfriend, Rayford Jackson are suspected of bribing some Detroit City council members:

Stinger–a convert to Islam whose reporting involves biased activist reporting in favor of Islamic and anti-Israel causes–and her married Muslim boyfriend, Rayford Jackson, are involved with Synagro, which sought to place a sludge treatment plant in Detroit. Jackson–who told friends before 9/11 of his plan to change his name to Rayford Muhammad, and whose brother is in prison for his leadership of the Murder, Inc.–stood to own about a third of the project, as the minority contractor, hired by Synagro to comply with affirmative action requirements and expectations. Stinger accompanied Jackson to a meeting with Detroit City Council Member Monica Conyers (wife/apparent beard to Congressman John Conyers) at a Detroit Church to convince residents of the area near the proposed sludge plant not to oppose the sought after approval of the deal. Stinger was also sued along with Jackson in a 2007 lawsuit regarding Jackson’s business dealings because she was apparently involved in them and may have put some of his assets in her name. Those who sought the Synagro deal were apparently involved in bribing four members of the Detroit City Council, who are under investigation by the FBI. Rayford Jackson and another man, both apparently implicated in the bribery, were asked by the FBI to wear wires to get the City Council members on tape. But Jackson declined. Sources say this is because if he did so, his life would be in danger. At least two strippers who performed at a party at Detroit Mayor Kwame “The Kingpin” Kilpatrick’s Manoogian Mayoral Mansion were assassinated, apparently to keep them quiet about a crime involving the Mayor and his wife.

This is only part of the story, follow the link below to Debbie’s site and read more about what passes for a fair and balanced journalist in Detroit,or if you prefer you can wait a few weeks and read it on WND when they claim the story as their own

Who is Fanchon Stinger?: FOX’s Biased Muslim Reporter Involved in Detroit Bribery Scandal With Married Muslim BoyToy, Friend of Mayor Kwame; FBI Sting.