This became obvious to me when I read the story about the homicide bombing today. And I can’t believe that no one is covering it.
I have been saying for months that the Imams that are urging people to strap on bombs and blow themselves up, are stuck in the Stone Age. But they are showing the world how progressive they are. I would never have expected it, but those Fascist Islamic Imams have announced that they recognize homosexuality. Well…. they didn’t come say it outright but they have demonstrated it in practice.
You see these Imams get people to blow themselves up with the promise of 72 beautiful female virgins as soon as they get to heaven. Today a 68 year old woman blew herself up. The second Lesbian bomber in they past month. While she wasn’t announced as a Lesbian, I can’t think of any other reason she would be interested in meeting 72 Beautiful Female Virgins in heaven.
An explosive device strapped to a woman suicide bomber was activated Thursday afternoon near IDF soldiers operating in the Jabalya area in north Gaza. Three soldiers sustained light injuries in the incident, bringing the number of troops injured in the Strip throughout the day to seven.
Palestinian sources said the terrorist was identified as 57-year-old Fatma Najar, claiming she was sent on the suicide mission by Hamas.
The incident occurred shortly after 5 p.m., when Givati Brigade soldiers operating against Qassam rocket cells spotted the woman approaching them, this after they had received prior warning of a possible suicide attack in the area. The troops called on the terrorists to stop, but she continued moving towards them, at which point they hurled a grenade in her direction, apparently setting off the explosive device in her possession.
This was the second thwarted suicide terror attack against solider in Gaza in the past month; one Givati Brigade soldier was lightly injured in the previous incident, which also involved a woman terrorist.
Some people will say that I ‘m wrong, they claim that these Islamic leaders will get anyone to blow themselves up for any reason, not because of the Virgins. These nay sayers claim that the Imams just want to perpetuate their hatred. I say TURKEY FEATHERS ! These are men of religion, and Islam is a religion of peace. Why would their religious leaders perpetuate hate? I say that they are just trying to show that there is a place in heaven for a 57 year old gay woman.
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