You can tell much about a society by looking at how they treat their children. What do they teach them…how do they socialize them into society…etc. Sometimes as Americans we don’t do the best job violent cartoons, stereotypes and other thing we sometimes pass to our kids (both my kids knew “pull my finger” before they were three. But overall I think we do try to teach them about freedom, citizenship, and good work ethic. In Judaism’s most important prayer, the Shemah, we are commanded to teach our children about loving G-d. In fact there is a midrash about G-d asking us what we would do to guarantee the Torah, and our answer was we will teach it to out children. The Islamic Fascists have their own priorities when it comes to teaching their children. They teach them about murdering for honor and martyrdom. The UN blasted Israel for having Palestinian teens in jails, but the fact is if the terrorists tried to protect their children instead of using them as weapons and propaganda pawns, not only would there be no children in prison, but I would suggest that their would be peace. For as Golda Meir said, “if the Arabs loved their children more then they hated ours there would be peace. Today in the NY Post I read about another incident of Islamic child abuse. Some parent allowing his young child to decapitate a prisoner. Proving that “Religion of Peace” can be a religion of child abuse when in the hands of zealots. It will be interesting to see if Muslim religious leaders speak out against this horror….I doubt it


April 21, 2007 — KILI FAQIRAN, Pakistan – The boy with the knife looks barely 12. In a high-pitched voice, he denounces the bound, blindfolded man before him as an American spy. Then he hacks off the captive’s head to cries of “God is great!” and hoists it in triumph by the hair.

A video circulating in Pakistan records the grisly death of Ghulam Nabi, a Pakistani militant accused of betraying a top Taliban official who was killed in a December airstrike in Afghanistan. An Associated Press reporter confirmed Nabi’s identity by visiting his family in Kili Faqiran, their remote village in southwestern Pakistan.

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The video, which was obtained by AP Television News in the border city of Peshawar, appears authentic and is unprecedented in jihadist propaganda because of the youth of the executioner. Captions mention Mullah Dadullah, the Taliban’s current top commander in southern Afghanistan, although he does not appear in the video.

The soundtrack features songs praising Taliban supreme leader Mullah Omar and “Sheik Osama” – an apparent reference to Osama bin Laden, who is suspected of hiding along the Afghan-Pakistan border. The footage shows Nabi making what is described as a confession, being blindfolded with a checkered scarf. “He is an American spy. Those who do this kind of thing will get this kind of fate,” says his baby-faced executioner, who is not identified.
A continuous 21/2-minute shot then shows the victim lying on his side on a patch of rubble-strewn ground.

A man holds Nabi by his beard while the boy, wearing a camouflage military jacket and oversized white sneakers, cuts into the throat. Other men and boys call out “Allahu akbar!” – “God is great!” – as blood spurts from the wound.
The film, overlain with jihadi songs, then shows the boy hacking and slashing at the man’s neck until the head is severed. A Pashto-language voiceover in the video identifies Nabi and his home village of Kili Faqiran in Baluchistan province, which lies about a two hours’ drive from the Afghan border.

A reporter went to the village, and Nabi’s distraught and angry father, Ghulam Sakhi, confirmed his son’s identity from a still picture that AP made from the footage. He said neighbors had told him the video is available at the village bazaar, but he had no wish to see it. Sakhi said his son had been a loyal Taliban member who fought in Afghanistan and sheltered the hard-line Afghan group’s leaders in the family’s mud-walled compound. He blames the Taliban and wants to avenge his son’s death. “The Taliban are not mujahedeen. They are not fighting for the cause of Islam,” the 70-year-old said. “If I got my hands on them, I would kill them and even tear their flesh with my own teeth.”

The method of Nabi’s death was not unusual for Pakistan’s lawless tribal regions.
Suspected informers are regularly found beheaded and dumped along the side of the road in the lawless, mountainous regions along the Afghan-Pakistani border where al Qaeda and Taliban militants find sanctuary. But such al Qaeda-style killings are rarely featured in the Taliban’s increasingly frequent propaganda videos. The use of a child to conduct the beheading stands out even among those filmed by militants in Iraq.

“This is outright barbarism,” Iqbal Haider, secretary-general of the independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, said after viewing the video.
“Whosoever has committed this, whether they are Taliban or anybody else or any Afghan or al Qaeda or anybody, they are enemy No. 1 of the Muslims.” The video accuses Nabi of responsibility for a U.S. airstrike that killed Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Osmani, who was regarded as one of the top three associates of Omar, the Taliban supreme leader. He was hit while traveling by car in Afghanistan’s Helmand province Dec. 19. Osmani was the highest-ranking Taliban leader to die since the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan that ousted the hard-line regime in late 2001.

Sam Zarifi, Asia research director for Human Rights Watch, said the use of a child to commit such an act constituted a war crime and was a “new low” in the conflict in Afghanistan. He said he had seen children in the background of some jihadist videos but none in which they were directly involved in violence.
“I don’t know why they would do this,” Zarifi said. “The Taliban have to some extent tried to play to the public in Afghanistan and have not engaged in the complete sowing of mayhem that we have seen in Iraq. But this kind of act is really egregious. It’s off the charts.”