Tonight as I was reading one of my favorite Blogs, Atlas Shrugs, I saw a very disturbing Item Roper’s Blog has been hacked. Roper is GM Roper, not only an excellent blogger but a really nice guy. If you ever noticed the Blog Roll Cancer Sucks on my Site–that’s GMs doing. GMs site is back up now so why don’t you go over there and say welcome back. But first go over to Atlas Shrugs and get the scoop.

And when you get the time check out my new friend Jeremayakovka’s great post on how to fight back against the Islamic hack squad. Cyberjihad: This Is What An Arab And/Or Arabic-Speaking And/Or Jihadist And/Or Jihadist-Sympathizing Hacker

What happened to GM might look like a stupid little prank but it really is a bullying tactic by the Islamists—trying to stop your free speech.