Let me stay right off that I think that some religious items are sacred and shouldnt be used for protest or Art. Last year there was an exhibition in NY were one of the pieces shown was a Cross incased in a plastic box ant that box filled with urine–personally I felt the affront despite the fact that I was not Christian. I also feel the same way when someone burns the American flag and to be Honest when I found out that someone put a copy of the Koran in a Pace University Toilet. The difference is that the Cross with urine is called art..the burning of the flag is called protest…but the Koran in the toilet is called a felony–it just seems that the Muslim icons receive a lot better protection than other religions or even our national symbols.

Academic Prohibition
By Rabbi Aryeh Spero
FrontPageMagazine.com | 8/6/2007

In today’s America, you can burn our flag but you can not mistreat the Koran. Burning the flag is freedom of expression, a form of allowable speech our courts tell us, but mistreating the Koran is a criminal felony punishable under hate-crime legislation. If you are a Moslem you can, together with your brothers, wave posters at public protests on college campuses calling for “Killing the Jews”, “Destroy Israel” and declare “Jews are Sons of Apes”. This our college administrators tell us is “free speech”. However, you have no right, even in private, to demean a book if it is the Koran. If you do, you go to jail. This is a form of expression unallowable — perhaps America’s only remaining prohibition.

Last week, a student at Pace University in New York was formally charged with a felony for stuffing a Koran in a commode. CAIR, a Muslim organization, filed suit, claiming it constituted a hate-crime. Was this hate directed at a person? No. Was it painted on the walls of an institution where people of a specific race congregate? No. Was anyone threatened? No. It was simply one person’s rejection, in a physical way, of a philosophy. People do it and have done it, all the time, with the Christian Bible, the Constitution, our flag, the Republican Platform. When was the last time you ever heard of someone in America possibly going to jail because he flushed some pages of a book down a toilet?

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This case is important not only because an American is going to be criminally charged for an act that, while not nice, is simply not criminal but because, in the name of political correctness, we are changing centuries of legal definitions in order to appease bullies who are now telling us what we can do and what we can’t. Worse, they are making us submit to a double standard where what is allowable for them is not allowable for us. For example, people can burn the Christian Bible but not soak a Koran. While American museums can display depictions of Mary in dung and Jesus in urine, one is prohibited from demonstrating disapproval and horror regarding verses in the Koran. Somehow it is not a hate crime when young and middle-aged Moslems publicly call for the deaths of our children and raise signs on our streets threatening a Holocaust, here, against non-believing “infidels”.

This whole country is based on equal justice under the law, not special justice and more rights for one group over the rest of us. This is not simply the capitulation of a legal system but our own willing complicity in the destruction of everything we have heretofore believed in and died for. At stake is our very civilization and our morality. Centuries of developed wisdom are being thrown out, discarded. It is happening because of a suicidal, self-hatred among our elites for the Judeo-Christian ethos that early-on made our ancestors and shaped our parents and because those that lead our institutions are afraid.

So-called intellectuals, as found in universities, have seldom been people of courage. They are only “brave” when it comes to speaking and writing against “devils” whom they know will never physically harm them. Richard Nixon and George Bush are not going to behead or send people to beat physically intellectuals and their familiy members even if they are the brunt of left-wing mouthings. In fact, intellectuals receive greater acclaim among their colleagues and students — the only community they frequent and care about — if they speak against America or western civilization. Their “speaking out” is really not an act of courage at all, rather an act of career-advancement, one causing adulation.

However, most school adminstrators — be they at Pace or San Francisco State, Berkely, or Columbia — are indeed afraid of live, angry, chanting, in-your-face Moslem students, not to mention their legal representatives from CAIR and the ACLU ever ready to charge them with racism and the crime of “Islamophobia” if they do not bend to the will of Islamic demands on campus. Historically, intellectuals have always sided with the dictatorial bullies they fear — they are afraid of those who will use their fists, since they are unwilling to use their own.

In contrast, when was the last time evangelicals brought a college to court on the charge of “Christophobia” ( indeed, the deans would consider that a badge of “enlightenment” ) and what administrator is afraid that the pro-Israel Jewish students are going to rough-up the staff and punch-out other students. Academics will never admit to the fear which forces them to be “sensitive” to every Islamic demand while deaf to the victimization from it toward peaceful everyday students. They have crafted new categories of justice and crimes on campus that mask their fear.

Let us not forget that the German government came crashing down in 1933 simply because the use of physical violence at the Reichstaug one night intimidated the existing leadership. Fear, physical fear, can cause great instituitions to quickly surrender when headed by linguini-spined individuals . This is happening before our eyes today in many American colleges. Men of letters are neither necessarily men of courage nor people of edifying charachter.

Islamist organizations such as CAIR have so far been very succesful in instituting the “soft” jihad whose goal it is to have Western institutions turn over centuries’ of how we operate so as to heighten the unearned influence of Islam over all us. Even the patriotic duty of citizens working with law enforcement has been challenged by Islamic organizations as demonsrated by their law-suit against innocent, non-political citizens who simply informed the flight attendants on a domestic flight of highly unusual, provocative and suspicious activity by immams on a flight in the midwest. Bowing to these groups — either out of political correctness, ingrained guilt, fear, or vote-pandering, Democrats in Congress voted for the immams and against the passengers who had previously been granted immunity in a Republican-sponsored bill. Score another one for the soft jihad.

The Islamist organizations are winning the day: most Americans do not like confrontation and would rather give in than fight or be called a racist — each capitulation as “inconsequential”. Many good-willed Americans believe that CAIR, for example, is the Moslem version of the old NAACP and are reluctant, therefore, to question any assertion made under the banner “civil rights”. Muslim groups are exploiting that good will and using the system to strip Americans of basic rights if Islamists feel “offended”.

The truth is that CAIR is not a civil rights organization but the domesticated side of the soft jihad designed to radically transform America by elevating things Islamic over everything else — their Koran over our Bible, their right to public prayer over our right to it, funding their projects as “cultural” while outlawing ours’ as “religious”. If CAIR were truly concerned with civil rights and mutual respect, they would be out there denouncing their brothers spearheading rallies all over the country calling for Death to the Jews, labeling Jews as apes, and calling for the annihilation of Israel and its 6 million Jews. On this they are silent, just as they are after every attack on Western humanity.

Every Jewish and Christian organization I know, though primarily concerned with protecting and serving members of their group, have denounced any actions by its own members that smack of bigotry against others and involves brutality. Can you imagine any Christian group remaining silent if its members held up signs “Kill the Jews”? Yet CAIR ostracizes none of its David Dukes or Sayids who are worse than Duke.

CAIR’s response that such is not their job is analogous to the one who says he can throw garbage on the street since his job is not with the local sanitation department. CAIR and other American Moslem groups remain silent for, the truth is, they are satisfied with the outcome and climate these protestors are producing: namely, sowing fear and intimidation, resulting in people being silent and accepting that which is unacceptable: Jew-hatred, hatred of Israel.

How distressing it is that so few are willing to accept, and engage in, the confrontation necessary to preserve our culture, and that so many have become so soft that they make exuses for their cowardice. How alarming it is that so many in high places here no longer believe in our own heritage, seeing in it only evil and racism while imputing to all other cultures, and Islam, nobility only.

People give respect and gravitate to those things in society that society venerates. In the past, it was Chritianity and the American civilization. If, because of political correctness, we raise the Koran above the Bible, as Pace University has done, cherish Moslem sensibilities over Jewish life, as San Francisco State has done, then our children will look to Islam for those things transcendant. After all, our courts and universities are telgraphing that message.

How pitiful it is that the Judeo-Christian community has become so intimidated, insecure, and cuckolded that one of the primary defenders of our culture, a person willing to fight the Islamic propagandists face-to-face and head-on, is Christopher Hitchens, an atheist.