This is from Pam at Atlas Shrugs
She has some disturbing information and suggests we contact our US Senators NOW !!I agree….Please Read below:

What can you do? I understand from a friend that the Lehrer News Hour hosted a Senator-guest who announced, the Senate will be asked to vote on a resolution endorsing the Iraq Study Group Report. I read the report today, and it is very alarming indeed. No doubt the U.S. strategy in Iraq needs to change; we are losing, and American troops dying needlessly. But the report blames Israel for much of the mess in the Middle East, including Iraq, and calls for negotiations with Iran, Syria–and for the establishment of a Palestinian “unity” government, i.e. acceptance and recognition of Hamas. Here is an example letter. Please compose your own to your senators.

Dear Senator ———-,

I understand that in the next 36 hours you will be asked to vote on a resolution supporting the Iraq Study Group’s report. I have read the report, and deeply object to much of its ill-conceived content. Many of the consultants who contributed to this report are partisans in the Arab Israeli conflict. Many others are known for their anti-Israel attitudes.

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I object strenuously to the notion that Israel has anything to do with the conflict in Iraq, or has any role to play in its resolution. Israel should not be as a bargaining chip to appease terrorists resolved to murder Americans in Iraq in any case. Israel has nothing to do with the conflict in Iraq, and its citizens are in no way responsible for the outcome there.

There is no doubt that the American effort in Iraq has gone badly, and that much in the U.S. and allied strategy needs to change. But tying these policy decisions to what happens in Israel is foolish, and dangerous. Please reject this report.

Thank you, Make sure you supply your name and address so they know you are a constituent.