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In the mid-1970s sitcom, Welcome Back Kotter when the character Vinnie Barbarino (John Travolta) would get into an argument and would run out of things to say, he would exclaim  “up your nose with a rubber hose.

The Obama Campaign has decided to take the Vinnie Barbarino approach to their “battle” with Governor Romney.  Running out of things to say after his dreadful debate performance, the president’s campaign has gone all Vinnie Barbarino on us by flipping voters the bird…big bird that is:

The US Economy is going to hell in a hand basket, we have lost respect throughout the world, al Qaeda is growing and attacking the US, unemployment remains way too high and all the campaign can talk about is Big Bird??? 
This ad demonstrates the contempt the Obama campaign for the American people. He refuses to discuss his all he can say is Mitt Romney is a bad guy who hates children’s characters.  By not talking about the real issues president Obama is flipping the bird to the American people.

Children’s Television Workshop the producers of Sesame Street is not amused–they have asked Obama to take the video down:

“We do not endorse candidates or participate in political campaigns,” the organization said in a statement. “We have approved no campaign ads, and as is our general practice, have requested that the ad be taken down.”

In his post Tom White tells us what could be purchased with the money we give to PBS. Click Here to read it.

UPDATE: Even Chris Matthews bashed the Big Bird ad:

“You would think the Obama campaign would want to start looking forward toward the V.P. debate this week and the two remaining presidential debates. Today, the Obama camp released this ad, again going back to Romney’s line in the debate about Big Bird.This I think is Mickey Mouse,”

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When you’ve lost the guy with the tinkle going down his leg…