Congressman Jack Murtha has been running from the truth for years. He wrongly convicted some of our military heroes in the court of public opinion for a “massacre” that they were later cleared . He hasn’t fessed up to his mistake and apologized. Neither has he apologized for being named by the Citizens Against Government Waste for being the biggest government waste Porker in Congress getting almost two thirds of the vote. Then there was Murtha’s little $2,000 shopping spree at a recent NRA convention. The Second amendment gives him the right to buy guns at an NRA convention…but he is supposed to do it WITH HIS OWN MONEY:Murtha tried to run away from the truth with a legal challenge to the candidacy of Lt. Col. William Russell who served in both Iraq wars protecting Murtha’s Fat butt. Russel was knocked off the ballot by a judge and could only get back on with a write-in campaign during this past week’s primary. Not only did Russell get almost 5x the write ins necessary but all the ballots have not yet been counted. It looks like there is going to be a contested election in Murtha’s district, maybe the truth will finally catch up to the old Porker:

The Corner-In Murtha’s District [David Freddoso]
Rep. Jack Murtha (D-Pa.) will have an opponent this year after all. A judge had kicked retired Lt. Col. William Russell (R), a veteran of both Iraq Wars, off the ballot earlier this year for lack of valid petition signatures. A legal challenge had winnowed him down to just 993, whereas he needed 1,000 signatures. This gave Murtha a shot at an unopposed victory in the fall, as there were no other Republican challengers. Russell did not give up, though. To qualify for the November ballot, he had to get at least 1,000 write-in votes in the district yesterday to qualify for the ballot. His consultants saw this as doable, but still a challenge in a primary where there was really nothing happening on the Republican side — not even a decent local race to attract voters to the polls. Considering that Republican turnout was already going to be low, and only a small percentage of voters ever think to write in a name, you might think they’d be lucky to get just enough to qualify.Well, think again. I’m told that the count now stands at 4,700 write-in votes for Russell, and the largest county in the 12th District hasn’t even reported yet — nor have any absentees been counted.