By Israeli Girl

Freedom is a addictive – once you taste it you just want more. It seems that in the last few weeks citizens of the Arab world are having their first taste of freedom. It began in Tunisia where violent protests over soaring unemployment and corruption has driven Tunisia’s president from power after 23 years of iron fist rule. Egypt was next as countless protesters filled the streets of Cairo demanding President Mubarak step down.

Now the Arab world is a flame with riots and protests demanding political reforms. Is there hope for freedom and democracy in Gaza? Just like Hitler won a democratic election in Nazi Germany, Hamas came to power in Gaza in a democratic fashion. Sadly democracy and freedom stopped there.

People in Gaza have had enough. Gaza’s youth are venting anger on Facebook calling for an end of Hamas’ brutal regime. Hamas security forces are breaking up solidarity rallies arresting protesters. Hamas police and internal security forces have been arresting and summoning for investigation Fatah members and Facebook activists in the Gaza Strip, to prevent them from holding a demonstration against Hamas in Gaza on February 11. Many voices in Fatah, long time rivals of Hamas, are calling on the people in Gaza to stand up and revolt against the “dictatorship that restricts their freedoms.”

People’s experience of poverty, unemployment and lack of freedom is identical all over the Arab world. But due to Israel’s constant aid, the people in Gaza are often living in better conditions than in neighboring Arab countries. Check out the pictures below – these images of daily life in Gaza prove there is no hunger in Gaza. But people are beginning to realize that freedom is worth fighting for. All of us in are sending a message of hope and strength to people in Gaza – you deserve to be free of Hamas’ brutal regime.