There is something strange in the way the Boston Bombers are being described. The basic line we are being told goes something like this, “Authorities say they are convinced the two acted alone, and investigator are trying to find who/if anyone helped them” Maybe it’s me, but if somebody helped them doesn’t it mean they didn’t act alone?

Investigators are pursuing other “persons of interest” possibly linked to the deadly Boston Marathon bombings, U.S. lawmakers said Sunday, according to AFP.

There are still persons of interest in the United States that the FBI would like to have conversations with,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers told ABC’s “This Week.”

The Michigan Republican wouldn’t say how many “interesting persons” for whom the investigators are looking.

Dutch Ruppersberger, the top Democrat on the panel, was quoted as having said investigators were scouring telephone logs that took place before and after he April 15 twin blasts–but why?

Then there is Misha, that mysterious guy who the terrorist’s mother claims radicalized her oldest son.  Misha (who’s real name is Mikhail Allakhverdov) now lives in Rhode Island and claims to have been been talking to the FBI

I’ve been cooperating entirely with the FBI. I gave them
my computer and my phone and everything I wanted to show I haven’t done
anything. And they said they are about to return them to me. And the
agents who talked told me they are about to close my case.

An FBI spokesman in Boston declined to comment on an ongoing case. Allakverdov’s statements, however, seemed to bear out recent reports that the FBI have not found any connection between “Misha” and the bomb plot.

 The question we need to ask is why are we being given the “all clear” it was just those two guys party line by the mainstream media?  Is it some PC party line designed to make Americans believe there is no Islamist terrorist movement? Will we eventually be told that the Boston Marathon bombing was some sort of “sports injury” the way Nidal Malik Hasan’s rampage at Fort Hood was a workplace accident? And what about Tamerlan’s crazy (like a fox) mother, she was also on the terrorist watch list?

There is no suggestion here of a vast conspiracy to hide the truth from the American people, but there does seem to be an incongruity between the “party line” we are getting and the words the media is using. Maybe it can be traced to their all too familiar habit of trying to be overly PC or it could be something else.

 Perhaps in the end we will learn that it was just these two monsters who learned how to make a bomb from the internet all on their own, but as of today when investigators are still looking for “person’s of interest” it seems way to early to call the Tamerlan brothers lone wolves.