Everything’s up to date in Kansas City? NOPE!!! Found this little item from the ABC Affiliate in Nebraska. It seems that at least two in Missouri are finding $2,300 charges on their credit card bills from the Obama Campaign. Only One problem–They didn’t make the donation’s. Is the Senator’s Campaign Adding Credit Card Fraud to Voter Fraud.:

2 reports of unexpected charges by Obama campaign

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) – Two Missourians say they were surprised to receive credit card statements indicating they had donated to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Sandy Pogones of Camdenton and Steve Larman of North Kansas City each found a $2,300 charge on their credit card bills recently for the Obama for America campaign. Both say they do not support Obama and would not contribute to his campaign. Both say they contacted their credit card companies, which dropped the charges. Pogones says she also contacted the Missouri attorney general’s office and the FBI. Larman says he just wants to know if another organization is funneling money to Obama, or if someone is using the Obama name to steal from people.