The mainstream media was all over the story, OMG Netanyahu said he would block any Palestinian State, he said no two-state solution as long as he was Premier.  Josh Earnest added his voice to the nonsense; he spoke of the administration’s concern about Netanyahu’s statement during Wednesday’s presser. 

Boy! It seems as if that that Bibi guy is nothing but a war monger!  It was if Netanyahu was trying to feed the preconceived notion the media and Obama already had about him. Well it would have been —if it was true.

It is very convenient for the media to take half a statement and spin it the way they want, but Bibi never said he didn’t believe in a two-state solution, nor did he ever say he would block a two-state, what he said was a Palestinian state would never be formed while he was premier because it would become a base for radical Islam.

That’s what Netanyahu said, that’s what the mainstream media and our Israel hating president missed, ignored on purpose, or didn’t have the mental capacity to understand.. From the CNN story reporting what Bibi said: 

Asked by an interviewer with the Israeli news site, NRG, if it was true that a Palestinian nation would never be formed while he’s prime minister, Netanyahu replied, “Indeed.”

(…)”Anyone who is going to establish a Palestinian state, anyone who is going to evacuate territories today, is simply giving a base for attacks to the radical Islam against Israel,” he said. “This is the true reality that was created here in the last few years.”

Netanyahu went on to say that any opponents on the left who might argue otherwise are “sticking their head in the sand, time and time again.”

The Palestinian Authority which never renounced terrorism, which incited recent terror including the slaughter of four Rabbis during their morning prayers, which includes Hamas whose Charter calls for the destruction of Israel, the death of all Jews in the world and the establishment of a worldwide Caliphate (just like ISIS) almost every day calls for attacks against Israel and the United States.  Why would anybody want to give them more power? Why should they get a state as long as they are supporting terrorism?  Anybody remember what happened when Israel “disengaged” from Gaza? It became a breading ground for attacks on Israel. The moderate Palestinian Authority takes some of the foreign aid it gets from the US and Europe and uses it to pay off terrorists and their family. With all that happening why should any Israeli Prime Minister agree to a Palestinian State right now?

That’s what the guy said folks.  Not “no two-state solution”, or that “he would block a Palestinian State” but as long as they presented themselves as sponsors of terrorism there would be no Palestinian State, and based on that it will not happen on his watch.