How would the United States react if thirty rockets fell on Kansas City tonight? What would Great Britain do if rockets landed in Liverpool? Allow me to suggest that the answer to both of those questions is “Kick Some Ass.” This morning, Hamas hit the home of Defense Minister Peretz next-door neighbor and the response was some helicopter fire. Thirty rockets have hit the Negev in the past twenty-four hours, with only a tepid response from the IDF.

A source within the ruling Kadima party told a contact of mine last night that they “are not going to just sit back after this latest assault”. But just what they will do is unclear. They should know by tomorrow morning. Well now we know, Olmert will do nothing !

The question is does he have a legitimate reason to do nothing this time. According to Haaretz Hamas is firing at Israel to “provide cover” for its civil war against Fatah. Israel is holding back because they feel that Abbas’ Fatah is losing and the fear a major attack will further rally Gaza residents around Hamas.

[There is]a debate within Israel’s security establishment over to what degree Israel should help Fatah in its internal struggle against Hamas by allowing transfers of arms and ammunition to it from third parties. Thus far, Israel has refused to do so, despite America’s urging.

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There are three approaches to this issue within the defense establishment. One holds that Fatah is indeed at a disadvantage, because Hamas has smuggled in massive quantities of arms, while Abbas tried – and, due to Israel’s opposition, failed – to obtain weapons through legal channels. Therefore, Israel should help him.

A second holds that Hamas has already won in Gaza, so there is no reason for Israel to get involved. A third argues that any additional weapons brought into Gaza will ultimately most likely be used against Israel, so arming Abbas’s forces would be a mistake. (Haaretz)

Either way any weapons that Israel provides Abbas will eventually be used to kill Israelis. Abbas was and remains a terrorist who should not be protected. I am not saying “let them kill each other off!” But protecting Abbas is meaningless. Once they are done fighting each other they will return to their primary goal, killing Israelis. The people that should be protected are the citizens of Sedrot and other towns in the Negev. A government’s primary obligation is to keep its citizens out of harm. This government has failed miserably in its primary obligation.

Israel must act now to protect her people.