its because he likes to wear nothing but socks in the green room, that giant #9 fastened to the door, but the word is that Elliot Spitzer the former NY Governor/Client #9 has not “gelled” with his co-host Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker. In fact, he feels she is holding him back. Word is he is waging a successful effort to screw her out of her job.

According to the NY  Post:

Eliot Spitzer is telling friends his CNN co-host Kathleen Parker “will be gone within a week.” Relations between the ex-gov, who once called himself a “[bleep]ing steamroller,” and his conservative co-host are at an all-time low. A source said, “Spitzer thinks she’s holding him back. The ratings surged when she was out sick, and he anchored alone during the turmoil in Egypt. Only very few anchors have the power to wipe out a co-host, and Spitzer thinks he has it. CNN bosses are high on Spitzer, and he might get his own show. Kathleen has been weighing her options. There’s this sense of dread among middle management.” We’ve reported that Parker, a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, could be dumped due to lack of chemistry with Spitzer. But our source said, “She’s putting up a fight.” CNN President Ken Jautz recently said, “There have been lots of press reports that I am contemplating changes, but I’m not going to engage in any speculation.” A CNN rep declined to comment.

Parker has not revived good reviews, the latest bashing was posted two day’s ago in the influential TV Trade magazine Broadcasting and Cable,writer Melissa Grego said:

Agree with his politics or not, the guy’s got a point of view, a talent for timing and the kind of confidence that remains rare on TV.

Certainly there’s been loads of talk that this show isn’t working elsewhere in the media, really since the get-go—for good reason. Next to Spitzer who reads effortlessly unscripted, Kathleen Parker still reads like she’s, well, actually reading. Parker and Spitzer together have at this point still drummed up a total of zero chemistry sitting side by side. You could tell me they’re sitting in separate rooms and spliced in with some editing magic, and I would not be at all surprised. There’s no sense that Parker and Spitzer have any real difference in perspective. Except maybe that he looks like he’s engaged and enjoying the dialogue, and she is not. It’s unnecessarily uncomfortable television.

I’m not saying Parker’s got to go, but then again, all the big shows in prime on cable news are single-personality. It’s what’s working. At the very least, there’s no reason to have two hosts in a format like this. Not unless there’s some real point-counterpoint going on. And not at this point in the game if it’s clearly not coming together.

 Maybe Parker is not cutting the mustard, but it just twists my chain that this poor excuse for a human being would be able continue to display his misogyny by pushing her out of her job.  Allow me to offer a compromise, if CNN wants to get rid of Parker, replace her with Big Journalism editor, radio host, and newly contracted CNN contributor Dana Loesch. She would not only grow ratings, but she would run circles around Spitzer and have him begging for Parker’s return within a week.