The Biden regime is trying to resurrect the Obama-era Net Neutrality laws, allowing US bureaucrats to impose their own form of green science on the entire planet. Corporate media believes that having corrupt government agents control what Big Tech allows society to see will somehow stop the flow of disinformation, fake news, and hate speech. What Cultural Marxists fail to acknowledge is that it’s the Dept of Energy’s green policies that are most responsible for the twisted form of angry environmentalism used in the ongoing Climate War narrative. This newest war effort is being used to shift blame from the political elites that had profited big-time from the failed wars on poverty, drugs, and terror that had run up our National Debt to $4 trillion by 1992. Now, our debt is over $33 trillion, and all of those government green programs are crashing faster than the electric car industry.

It was former CIA Director George H W Bush that created the ENERGY STAR program. Still, no effort had been made by government lawyers to explain that this Dept of Energy program had been set up as a Public/Private partnership. In 1993, Bill Clinton used an executive order to mandate the use of EPA-approved products by every sub-division of government, which had essentially set up as a Pay-To-Play scheme run by the White House. When George Bush Sr. signed the USA on to the UN Agenda 21 Development Plan without Senate approval in 1992, it set into motion a concept for creating multiple regional economic agendas controlled by our federal agencies. All types of foreign political groups had exclusive access to the Settled Science produced by NASA/UN scientists, which was then used to claim Global Warming represented a threat to humanity.

Virtually overnight, groups of billionaires and public servants began jet-setting to the most exotic locations on the planet in support of the cult of Gaia, the goddess of green-washing schemes. The Gaia Hypothesis was first presented by an atmospheric scientist named Sir James Lovelock in an article published in 1975, which required a belief in teleology. This is basically like having a scientist make up a story to fit a narrative that lacks any type of scientific rigor. That exact same mindset was applied to Silent Springa book written by a former US Fish & Wildlife employee in 1962. Employing this quasi-mythical thinking, university professors, bureaucrats, and shadowy non-profit groups conjured up all sorts of Orwellian laws. None of those environmental regulations were designed to produce any specific outcomes. Those actions were only to suggest a reason existed for imposing the draconian regulations.

As the world is focused on genuine wars, NGOs and US bureaucrats want you to believe that we should spend another $65 billion on Broadband Equity programs to be operated in collusion with their UN business-driven partners. Reducing Greenhouse Gases to save the planet went out of style decades ago when it became apparent that utility-grade solar and wind farms were not efficient. Only groups like the UN’s Green Industrial Platform would pretend these programs would enhance productivity, which would create a more resilient global economy. These are the type of policy experts who see the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic as a new opportunity to push sustainable green job creation programs. None of these bureaucrats show the slightest concern about ecological damage from the Eco-Terrorist attack on the Nord Stream pipelines or the impacts of the Russia/Ukraine war.

Americans are expected to forget that EPA science was supposedly being peer-reviewed by the DOD and the Intel Community. During the Obama era, the US Codes were altered under the Public Health and Welfare section, which granted extraordinary powers to the Dept of Energy. This was a period when the European Union (EU) was financing technical reports for Communist China while claiming that super environmentalists were at the core of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 9 (Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure). The entire world knows that China is the world’s top polluter and is promoted as a superpower. But the UN and EU, for some reason, are now paying to provide their green propaganda.

As Americans consider the new push for Net Neutrality, it may be time to ask about some shady energy deals involving our highest elected officials. That should include all 51 of the former intelligence bosses who had claimed to believe that the Hunter Biden laptop computer story was part of a Russian disinformation campaign to manipulate the 2020 elections.