Based on his online behavior it is clear that Anthony Weiner has “issues.” In recent weeks his campaign has imploded because of revelations about his continual sexting with multiple women. Things began to get eerier earlier this week when the former congressman appeared at an AARP forum and called his 69-year-old opponent “Grandpa

Yesterday Weiner faced British reporter Lucy Watson from ITV. Watson asked him questions about his campaign and whether his recent scandals have affected his chances, Weiner  began to get angry  and let out with “it’s hard to take you seriously” and mimicking her British accent.

“This is what separates British media from American media,” and “you must be under the impression this is supposed to be easy, it’s not.”

When Watson asked if the “hunger for the big job” that keeps him going. Weiner actually seemed to lose it. “It’s hard to take you seriously,” Weiner mockingly repeated the way she said “hunger for the big job.”

He started giggling for no reason and went on:

“I just have a feeling I’ve stepped into a Monty Python bit,” Weiner said moments later. After attempting to answer her questions about what he can do for the people of New York, Weiner gamely offered to do the weather report for ITV. “It’s going to be rainy, cloudy and gray, so do what you can guys, try to keep your head up, and a stiff upper lip.”

From the sense of this interview, Weiner will soon be visited by those nice men wearing long white coats.  They might even give him one of those nice coats with the extra long sleeves that tie around in the back.

In fact, perhaps Weiner should have visited an institution before he decided to run for office.  He certainly needs the help.