The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) has operated as a For-Profit enterprise since 2014. It allegedly provides infrastructure, procurement, and project management services for sustainable green development in a fair and non-partisanly.

Progressive leaders at the US Chamber of Commerce and Club of Rome offices would like US voters to believe that this group of Marxist moon-bats is helping people build better lives and assisting countries in achieving peace through sustainable development. The UNOPS mission may sound fantastic, but their For-Profit business enterprise is a disgrace. The corruption related to this foul UN agency is legendary. Still, corporate media had to keep that secret from the American people to protect the global elites that had invested in the UN’s Agenda 21 Development Plan.

President George H W Bush was the former CIA Director that signed the USA on to the Agenda 21 scheme back in 1992, which was the same year that he ordered the Dept of Energy to create his new ENERGY STAR program. The US Dept of Energy owns the ENERGY STAR brand, which was set up as a public/private partnership shortly after a group of NASA/UN scientists claimed to have developed a theory about Global Warming. The Bush regime then placed US Attorney General Bill Barr (aka Coverup-General Barr) in charge of developing the legal framework for DOE’s profit-driven enterprise. Still, it failed to disclose the nature of the public/private partnership that owned the new ENERGY STAR brand. Which the EPA claimed was saving extraordinary levels of electricity, and had the big-box stores push their premium-priced products as an investment opportunity for retail customers to cash in on the imaginary energy-savings, which would quickly pay back the entire cost for their new government “certified” energy efficiency products.

The DOE bureaucrats developed an ENERGY STAR logo brand sticker, then began claiming their product lines were in the top 25 percentile for energy efficiency for a specific product or appliance. That claim somehow morphed into the belief their EPA products were producing some extraordinary energy savings that customers could take to the bank. That lie was quickly exposed, and the big-box stores stopped playing along with that scheme. But then government lawyers next pretended that DOE had invented an industrial-grade ENERGY STAR “certified” energy efficiency, supposedly producing 25% to 50% greater electrical energy savings than similar products.

No evidence was presented to support those claims because that was also a lie. Those fraudulent energy-saving claims were accepted as accurate by bureaucrats after the Clinton regime had imposed an ENERGY STAR mandate in 1993 by executive order. That mandate required every sub-division of the US government to purchase only EPA-approved products and services exclusively from ENERGY STAR’s new public/private partnership. It was George H W Bush’s old ENERGY STAR program that UNOPS had employed in the “For Profit” enterprise designed to serve the financial interest of the World Economic Forum.

Government lawyers knew that the EPA’s extraordinary energy-saving claims were a complete lie that couldn’t be verified because they were all based on estimates by bureaucrats. That big green lie formed the basis of the “For Profit” business model employed by the UNOPS Director-General Grete Faremo in 2014. The epic failure of that ‘For Profit” enterprise is the real reason why the corrupt media and their corporate partners had to protect against widespread fraud at UNOPS. It wasn’t just providing logistical support for major green-washing schemes. It was presented as the moral authority for the UN’s Agenda 2030 plan. Under that plan, the Billionaires Club could operate freely in regional economic agendas and cluster industry economic models that could erect barriers with DEI policies. It offered the perfect environment for crooked politicians to place their favorite bureaucrats in charge of Off-Budget-Enterprises without taxpayer oversight or accountability. Director-General Grete Faremo is the self-absorbed maniacal Marxist who presented a vision for a “For Profit” business model based solely on her sociopathic ideology. Knowing well that her profit-driven enterprise shunned the most essential elements of true Capitalism and commonsense.

It wasn’t just that Grete Faremo had made a wrong policy decision; she simply didn’t care that others could easily detect the flaws in her money-making ventures. You don’t have to take my word for this; Grete Faremo has no problem sharing this fact within her own circle of influence. Her business partners reside in the same bubble of Orwellian logic, which allows them to justify erecting barriers to legitimate business interests. This is when “Woke” became popular in business circles.

The Okeefe Media Group (OMG) recently released a secret video recording of a Blackrock official boasting about bribing politicians as a standard practice and promoting the financial opportunities created by endless war. That Blackrock slimeball didn’t know he was being recorded, but he certainly didn’t care that a potential Blackrock business client knew of his sick mindset. Grete Faremo was the type of bureaucrat that couldn’t be bought because she had been owned by that same sick culture since birth. This is why the godless Communists hate the Judeo/Christian principles, which form the bedrock of our US Constitution. We, The People, are taught to strive for a more perfect union, whereas the New World Order appears to seek “perpetual war, for perpetual profits” that benefit only their dark overlords. There is a fundamental difference between those two cultures, and a news article about Grete Faremo can give Americans a proper perspective on this cognitive conflict.

Since Grete Faremo wrote the 2018 article about herself, it’s safe to assume she knew the subject matter then. The editorial piece in the Harvard Business Review began with a denunciation of the UN Ambassador from Mexico, who had filed a formal complaint against UNOPS for election interference that Director Faremo had dismissed as ridiculous. Her position was that the opposition candidate in question had gone on to win the election, so in her mind, the formal complaint was proven unfounded.

She then explained how she doesn’t let politics distract her from her primary goal: to continue to become a self-funded, sustainable, and entrepreneurial arm of the United Nations. This is a classic tactic of the Globalist, in which the most incompetent and out-of-touch bureaucrat will pretend to be a smart and innovative corporate manager above such petty politics. She goes on to list her experiences as Norway’s Minister for international development, Justice and public security, oil and Energy, and Defense as if that work history had prepared her for a carrier as a Captain of Industry.

Grete Feramo then claims her last gig as the director of legal and corporate affairs in Western Europe at Microsoft prepared her to learn how a world-class tech company manages complex projects. As the director of legal affairs at Microsoft in Europe, you might think she would be familiar with terms like conflict-of-interest, antitrust laws, insider trading, money laundering, human trafficking, and other legal technicalities. Primarily since Microsoft was affiliated with UNIDO’s Green Industry Platform, the UN Human Rights Office, the UN Dept of Economics and Social Affairs, and the Global Social Compliance Programme. Microsoft was also a member of the Prosperity Partnership in Puget Sound, a State-Owned Enterprise that created a Regional Economic Agenda in 2004 to market clean energy products and services to foreign and domestic partners. Since the US government prohibits all competing against the ENERGY STAR brand, assuming those were the only EPA-approved products and services offered to the globalist clowns on your behalf is reasonable.

Media censors had kept UNOPS out of the news, but poor Grete Feramo received a reality check in 2022. Finland had cut off all funding to UNOPS, citing a string of fraudulent activity that included the discovery of a whistle-blower complaint from back in 2003. That case alleged the UN had failed to act on human rights abuses in the Darfur region of western Sudan, and money had gone missing at the agency. That claim was similar to those made in a far more extensive set of UN frauds, money-laundering, and bribery of government officials by the German engineering firm Siemens, which the US Attorney General had provided a sweetheart deal to settle in 2008. That activity included the bribes paid to Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq for a UN oil-for-food program from 1996 to 2003. Those massive frauds by Siemens and UNOPS occurred as the Iran Contra scandal was being covered up by the CIA and State Dept. This is when AG Bill Barr first earned his title as the Coverup General-Barr, for recommending that George Bush pardon several players in that fiasco.

How ironic would it be to have Congress compel that bureaucrat to finally provide the long-hidden legal language describing the public/private partnership that owns the ENERGY STAR brand? Then provide information on the EPA’s new Smart Grid product worth trillions of dollars for DOE’s private-sector partners. Maybe even ask Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm to explain the Core Competencies of the Biden regime’s new Certified Climate Change Professionals® and allow our US Senators to comment on DOE’s cartoonish new propaganda video that has even less credibility than the UNOPS business ventures that they’ve been funding for decades.


Conor Coughlin created the platform in 2015 for Independent News & Dialog To expose widespread government fraud surrounding the EPA’s scientific research Conor Coughlin created the platform in 2015 for Independent News & Dialog To expose widespread government fraud surrounding the EPA’s scientific research programs for government “certified’ electrical energy efficiency. for government “certified’ electrical energy efficiency. Recommending that President Bush pardon several high-ranking administration officials convicted in that international scandal.