Darrell Issa and the GOP members of the House Oversight Committee are getting impatient over what they say is   purposeful stonewalling of White House officials  over the targeting of tea party people. They have yet to set another hearing for the Internal Revenue Service commissioner but one is coming.

Staffers for the committee say neither the Justice Department nor the Obama administration have given signs that a proper investigation into the scandal is in fact going forth, The Daily Mail reported. Meanwhile, a new election cycle approaches — and it’s still not clear how the IRS foot-dragging over nonprofit exemption status applications from conservative groups affected the last election, aides said.
Mr. Issa, for his part, is frustrated with what he sees as a White House dodge. One of the aides to his Republican committee members suggested that the federal government was lurching toward a constitutional crisis due to the lack of openness and accountability, The Daily Mail said.

“They’ve blown off the subpoenas,” the aide said, in the media outlet, speaking of the committee’s previous demands from the Treasury Department and the White House for legal documents about the affair. “If the DOJ keeps dragging its heels, too, and can just get away with it, why do we have an oversight committee in the first place? It’s like the White House has never heard of the separation of powers.”

Actually this administration has a problem with separation of powers, especially when it comes to legislative powers.

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While the White House has stated that the IRS targeting of conservative and tea party groups was an issue of concern and that the Justice Department was investigating, Mr. Obama nonetheless said during Super Bowl Sunday that he was confident there was “not even a smidgen of corruption” that would be uncovered, The Daily Mail reported. 

That “smidgen” comment was based on an internal review of the scandal which did not talk to any of the parties targeted by the IRS.

As we draw closer to the 2014 election, it become more critical that Congress get to the bottom of this scandal, not to embarrass the President but to guarantee that 501(C)(3) organizations are not harassed during this or future election cycles.