Hezbollah, one of the Shia Islamist terrorist groups created, funded, and influenced by Iran, regularly promotes violence against Israel, the West and its Sunni neighbors. Just one week after Iran agreed to a nuclear deal framework with the P5+1 nations, its Hezbollah partner in Lebanon was calling for violence against America as well as France, Britain, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

In the interview segment below, which appeared on the Hezbollah-controlled TV network on April 10, Lebanese journalist Ibrahim Al-Amin, who “serves as Chairman of the Board of the ‘Al-Akhbar’ newspaper,’ called for violence against America and her allies.

Interviewer: Saudi Arabia is said to have helped in the restoration of Lebanon after the war. It oversaw the Taif Agreement, which put an end to the military conflict in Lebanon. It deposited money in the Bank of Lebanon in order to strengthen the Lebanese pound. It gave three billion dollars to the Lebanese army, and another billion dollars through Sa’d Al-Hariri. How do you respond to this?

Al-Amin: Look I am not interested in this theory that they helped or supported [Lebanon]. There is nothing good about Saudi Arabia. It is the kingdom of evil, not the kingdom of goodness.

Interviewer: are you really prepared to sacrifice your life for the sake of your beliefs?

Al-Amin: Absolutely without any hesitation. I consider myself to be part of the movement of resistance against any kind of colonialism. I could go even further: I support fighting America, France, and Britain, and not just Israel. Today getting rid of the rule of the Saud clan is not less important than wiping Israel out of existence.

It is broadcasts such is this which explains Saudi Arabia’s concern about a nuclear Iran, and the worry of many in the U.S. Congress that the framework agreement did not include anything about Iran’s support of terrorism.