Iran’s nuclear weapons program is about more than destroying the “Zionist Entity.” Iran wants to be a super power on the scale of the United States. Iraq acts like a super power feeding little satellite countries like Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia, Senegal, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Nothing makes Iran happier than tweaking at the United States because its President Aym-a-shithead feels that once it develops nuclear weapons Iran will be on par with the evil Satan, the USA.

Back in September, Iranian Elite forces took charge of the Strait of Hormuz. If they close the Strait, they stop 30% of the world’s Oil Supply. Now they are holding the Strait hostage to their nuclear program. Just another reason for Congress to get off their arses and let the United States exploit its own Oil Reserves.

Read about Iran’s threats below:

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Iran warns of blockade

Tehran – Iran has once again warned that it would blockade the oil export route in the Persian Gulf if its nuclear sites were attacked, Iranian media reported on Saturday.

“We are capable of blockading the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf and whoever does not believe this should … see what happens in reality,” Navy Commander Admiral Habibollah Sayari told IRNA news agency.

Iran’s paramilitary revolutionary guards had several times in the past warned that if Israel carried out its plan to attack the country’s nuclear sites, Iran would block the Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Persian Gulf through which an estimated 20% of the world’s daily oil supply passes.
Such a blockade could trigger a worldwide energy crisis.

Admiral Sayari further told IRNA any aggressor should not forget that 2 000 kilometres of the Persian Gulf coast belonged to Iran, making the country capable of taking various initiatives.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has in the past also warned that the country would be justified in using all options in the case of an attack, including using controls on oil supplies as a weapon.

Israel and the United States have stated that a military strike against Iran would not be ruled out if the Islamic state did not suspend its controversial nuclear projects.
Both countries believe Tehran is secretly working on an atomic bomb despite Iranian claims of pursuing a solely civil nuclear programme. – Sapa-dpa