Debkafile is reporting that the USS Harry Truman carrier on high alert because intelligence reports that Iran may be planning a repeat of last weeks naval incident with Iran. Its another way to tweak President Bush’s nose has he brings his all-star traveling circus to Kuwait the next stop on their winter SCREW Israel tour.

Kuwait is the US President George W. Bush’s first stop Friday, Jan. 11 in his Persian Gulf tour, at the end of his talks in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The high security focus has therefore shifted to the Persian Gulf region, centering on the USS Harry Truman.DEBKAfile reports that US intelligence has learned that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards may be planning further provocations after harassing the US Navy on Jan. 6. According to our Iranian sources, the new Revolutionary Guards (IRGS) commander, Mohamed Jaafari, is instigating these incidents with wholehearted encouragement from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Supreme ruler Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is believed out of the picture.

These episodes also serve as live drill for the IRGS’s naval units. In the last two years, they have taken over Iran’s regular navy and built up a new backbone of small, speedy boats manned by marine commandos, like those which provoked three American warships in the Strait of Hormuz on Jan. 6.They have also boosted Iran’s submarine force with home-made mini-subs designed for underwater guerrilla tactics to catch American and Israeli vessels unawares. The IRGS is now working on a “living torpedo,” a suicide bomber who rides in to attack enemy shipping athwart a torpedo with a powerful, fast engine. In practice operations, the bomber jumps out of a fast boat as it sails close the target-vessel and blows it up. Israeli military circles conclude from Bush’s talks with Israel leaders that his administration has given up on serious pressure to make Iran abandon its covert military nuclear program. Iran now feels able to consummate its nuclear aspirations free of impediments and the threat of sanctions.

And tweak around the President any time they want.