Well Mr. President, How is that outreach to terrorists working out for you?

Today Iran provided its answer to the Presidential appeasement, they have announced they have approved a plan to build TEN new nuclear power plants.

The Iranian government on Sunday approved a plan to construct 10 new uranium enrichment plants, just two days after the International Atomic Energy Agency voted to rebuke the Islamic Republic for building an enrichment plant in secret.

The new enrichment plants would be the same size as its main enrichment complex at Natanz, state broadcaster IRIB reported.

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Hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran should aim to produce 250-300 tons of nuclear fuel a year, it added.

It takes approximately one ton of fuel to build a nuclear bomb.It is estimated that Iran  has at least one ton of fuel.

State broadcaster IRIB said location of five the new plants had already been decided and that work on these should start within two months. At the same time, the parliament agreed that its Atomic Energy Organization should find suitable location for other five.

Earlier Sunday, Iran’s parliament speaker said Tehran could move to reduce its cooperation level with the United Nations nuclear agency watchdog if the West continues to pressure the Islamic state over its nuclear program.

The Islamic Republic has already denounced Friday’s IAEA resolution, which won rare backing from China and Russia, as “intimidation” which would poison its talks with world powers.

“If you do not stop these ridiculous carrot-and-stick policies, we will in return adopt new policies and seriously decrease cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency,” Larijani, an influential conservative, told the assembly.

This is one that President Obama cannot blame on George W Bush. Ever since he became president, Barack Obama and his team has shown nothing but weakness to Iran and the terrorist world.

Back in May, after Obama began his outreach efforts. Ahmadinejad boasted “those who one day called Iran and Syria part of the axis of evil now want to develop relations with Iran and Syria. Circumstances are changing rapidly in our favor,we are on the road to victory.”

Obama’s naivete, his lack of understanding of the way Islamists think and act has made the world a  much more dangerous place. He has never bothered to explore what in Ahmadinejad’s background makes him more likely to launch a nuclear attack. Ahmadinejad believes that he has been chosen by Allah to hasten the return of this Muslim “messiah” (the 12th Imam). The way to achieve this goal for the Iranian president is the occurrence of a world-wide Holocaust. And this is why it is so vital for Ahmadinejad that Iran acquires a nuclear weapon.

Ahmadinejad and the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei practice the Hojjatieh’s interpretation of Shiism. This type of Islam has a very messianic and apocalyptic view of the world. It predicts a period of universal chaos before the return of the Mahdi (the 12th imam, also known as the hidden imam). This version of Islam is so radical that even the leader of the revolution against the Shah, Ayatollah Khomeini banned its practice in 1983.

His moves such as taking almost three months to make a decision about Afghanistan, the transfer of the terror trial to NYC, or his one sided pressure on Israel all signal to the radical Muslim world that the President is weak. America is a less secure place than it was one year ago, and that is the fault of President Obama and his Democratic Party leadership.

Remember Churchill’s admonition to the world when Chamberlain returned from the Munich Conference in 1938 practicing his policy of appeasement has relevance today, “We are existentially threatened by the malice of the wicked, enhanced by the weakness and hesitation of the allegedly virtuous.”