It is impossible to be familiar with the work of Mark Steyn without him being one of your favorite writers. He combines an acute understanding of the issues with a dark humor that creates a style both compelling, funny and uniquely him.

John Hawkins of Right Wing News had an opportunity to intervene Steyn about his new book “After America: Get Ready for Armageddon” Here are some excerpts of that great interview:

  • Mark Steyn on the most shocking statistic from his book.

Well I think the one that brings it all into focus for me is, I think, quoted on page two or three of the book, which is that by mid-decade, in four or five years time, the U.S. tax payer will be funding the entire cost, just in the interest payment on the debt, of the People’s Liberation Army of China. There is no real precedent in history for this. You can look at examples where Rome was besieged by the Barbarians and attempted to bribe various Barbarian kings to go away with sacks of gold and silver. But they didn’t as a matter of policy, require Roman tax payers to pick up the tab for the entire Visigoth military. I mean this is unique. This is unique to us.

  • Mark Steyn on the importance of the Tea Party

The Republican Party was leaderless, and largely useless in Washington and all the Tea Party people moved the meter of public discourse. It’s still the case right now that in fact these people are – some more rooted in sanity that either political party in Washington is. The most important thing we can do is learn that lesson. It’s the Milton Friedman lesson I quote right at the end of the book, “Rather than elect the right people to do the right things create the broader political conditions whereby the wrong people are forced to do the right things.”

Every time some half-wit 12-year old speechwriter for Barrack Obama is obliged to load into the teleprompter a bit of boiler plate about how we need to learn to live within our means and control our deficit, we are in effect creating the conditions whereby the wrong person is at least forced to pretend that he wants to do the right thing. Let’s take it to the next stage and make sure the squishiest finger in the wind, poll tested, jelly spined politician is forced to do the right thing not because he wants to, but just because that’s the reality.

  • Mark Steyn on whether people should flee America to get out before the economic collapse we appear to be headed towards.

I think, for example, if you look at what we were saying earlier about America being the reserve currency, at some point you have to figure that a combination of circumstances would result in the rug being pulled out from under the U.S. dollar. At that point, there is nothing holding us up and we could be dropping way down to, you know, Zimbabwe type levels. If you happen to be sitting on a savings account, if you happen to have a modest house on a small lot and you think your modest house and your savings account are enough to see you through to the end of your days, you’re in for a huge shock because you’ll find your house is worthless and your savings account is worthless. You’re going to have to load up the wheel barrel to buy the quart of milk. I understand people are thinking like that because I get a lot of mail like that saying where can I flee to? Do you recommend New Zealand or this kind of thing? I spend a lot of time in Bermuda because I happen to like it and if you had to pick somewhere to hole up, a small civilized British colony with a temperate climate, 1,000 miles from anything bad is a great place to go. I noticed Bermuda already has had a lot of wealthy Americans coming in and buying up old estates and things. But, there is not going to be any place to flee. In the end, they’ll come for Bermuda, in the end they’ll come for Monte Carlo, and in the end you’ll be in Switzerland and they’ll come for you there because America is the order maker on the planet and when America goes, eventually as agreeable as Bermuda is, it slides in, and it takes Bermuda down in its wake. So this is the hill to die on.

There is so much more to this interview I strongly recommend you click on the link below to link below and read the entire interview

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