James O’Keefe is one of the “good ones” Beginning with his videos about ACORN in 2008, O’Keefe and his associates have gone under cover to expose progressive lawbreakers. He has been on the front lines and taking the hits. James has written a new book called “Breakthrough: Our Guerilla War to Expose Fraud and Save Democracy.” He was just interview by John Hawkins about the book.

Here are a few excerpts:

O’Keefe on the lack of support for conservative journalism.

“And there isn’t enough support and John, I think the reason why is because people in the conservative movement don’t like controversy. They don’t like blood in the water. They don’t like hot water. They don’t like muck — they feel uncomfortable. You know, PJ Media’s Bill Whittle said it perfectly. He said, “Conservatives are so beaten down in the pop culture that they are utterly unwilling to stand up for what they actually believe in.” And when an effective actor comes along and makes change, they throw everything at you. They play dirtier than you can imagine.”

O’Keefe on a lawsuit he won.

“I sued David Shuster and Olbermann for defamation, got money and used that money to fund my voter fraud videos.”

On the criminalization of journalism.

“Well, it’s not even a double standard anymore. It’s politicizing of the First Amendment. It’s not a Left or Right issue. The Department of Justice gave journalist status to this Curt – I can’t remember his name. Curtis, it’s Curtis Morrison in Kentucky who admitted to eavesdropping through a wall of Mitch McConnell. Now, I defended this guy in the Daily Beast. I argued that the punishment is not commiserate with the crime. It is a felony, but the Department of Justice gave him the status of journalist. Now you have David Gregory on Meet the Press suggesting Glenn Greenwald….that he’s aiding and abetting Snowden by reporting on what Snowden did.

What you have here is the criminalization of journalism depending on when the establishment wants the expose criminalized. Now in Mary Landrieu’s office, I walked into a Federal building using a pretense. But, I showed my driver’s license at the entrance of the door. So there wasn’t even really a pretense. And so I definitely faced severe criminal prosecution for years and my tape of what I did was destroyed. The government deleted the contents of my recording. This is a huge double standard. They lie about me and there’s no video tape to support it. Sometimes there’s even court transcripts to contradict it, but people believe want they want to believe and the Justice Department goes along with it. It’s very troubling.”

This is only part of a great interview.  To read the full discussion between John Hawkins and James O’Keefe, click here and visit Right Wing News.