A month ago I had little idea what GOProud was. Then WND editor Joseph Farah decided to drop conservative pundit and author, Ann Coulter as the keynote speaker for his “Taking America Back National Conference because of her plan to be the keynote speaker at “Homocon,” an event put together by GOProud the first genuinely conservative group for gay Republicans. Farah followed up by with a witch hunt,  attacking more of the program’s sponsors including Conservative Political Action Conference director Lisa DePasquale; Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist, who sits on GOProud’s board; and John Hawkins of Right Wing News among others.

Farah is ignoring one key fact,   the key to restoring America to greatness is to vote the  progressive Democrats out of office. Ann Coulter,  and John Hawkins, Lisa DePasquale along with GOProud and the rest of the program’s sponsors are important parts of that effort.

John Hawkins of Right Wing News, which is sponsoring GOProud’s controversial Homcon event, featuring Ann Coulter, has interviewed Christopher Barron. Barron is the chair of GOProud. Here are some excepts from the interview.

Barron on identity politics

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The flip side of that is that we can’t continue to lose group after group because we simply refuse to have a debate about this. We’ve lost African-American voters for decades because the belief is that we don’t care about African-American voters — and what’s outrageous is that we support the policies that are actually good for African-American voters. But we’ve let the Left drown it out because we won’t engage in quote unquote identity politics. I think that’s unfortunate. The same thing can be said of Jewish Americans and Latino Americans.

The truth is, is that we have the conservative policies that are good for all Americans, good for conservatives, good for Jewish people, good for African-Americans, good for gays and lesbians, and good for all people. We shouldn’t be afraid to say guess what? Our policies are good for you

Barron’s message to liberal critics of Homocon

Now, along those lines, what would you say to liberal critics of Homocon who’ve been pretty scathing about the event, who are upset that Ann Coulter’s headlining, or that people like me are sponsoring, because we don’t agree with your group on issues like gay marriage and gays in the military. What would you say to them?

I’d tell them to get a life. Honestly, I would.

The fact is that we don’t take our marching orders from the Left and we’re certainly not going to be bullied by them. I’m not surprised that they’re outraged that you’re sponsoring it or outraged we’re having Ann speak. They’re outraged over everything. I mean these are the folks who wake up in the morning outraged. So, that’s what I would say: I would tell them to get a life.

Barron on the Left and gays

Now, last question here. Do you find it odd that so many of these groups on the left basically say to gay Americans, “The only issues you’re supposed to care about at all are gay marriage and gays in the military and everything else is irrelevant?” Do you think that’s helpful for gay Americans?

No, it’s not helpful at all. The fact is that gay people, like any other Americans, sit down at their table at night and what are the things that they’re talking about? What are the things that they’re worried about? They’re worried about jobs. They’re worried about healthcare. They’re worried about taxes. They’re worried about retirement security. On all of these issues, the gay left has no answers.

The only thing they say is, “marriage or bust.” That’s it

 There is so much more of this interesting interview to read.  CLICK HERE and go to Right Wing News to read the rest. You do not want to miss it.