Columnist Mark Harvey spoke to an Obama Insider who says that McCain will definitely win FL, OH, NC, MO and NV. Pennsylvania is up for grabs as is Colorado and New Hampshire. Sound to me as this thing AIN’T over by a long shot. Read the report below:

Just Received Word From An Insider … From The Other Side
I have known this for quite some time but for some reason, people are insanely and unhealthily attached to the crapolla from pollsters. Without giving too much away…
[…] she said the results of their polling lead her to believe that McCain will definitely win FL, OH, NC, MO and NV. She says Obama definitely wins New Mexico. She said that Colorado and New Hampshire were absolute dead heats. She said she thinks there is a 55% chance Obama holds on in Pennsylvania and a 75% chance McCain wins Virginia […] […] She absolutely laughed at the public polls showing Obama leading Virginia–and pointed out that all of those polls rely on Dem turnout being +4 and as much as +7, when in 2006, Republicans actually had the advantage by +3. She also pointed out that the numbers for Obama in SWVA look absolutely awful and that McCain is running 10 points better then Allen did in NoVa. Anyway, her companies conclusion is that the election will come down to Colorado, New Hampshire and the Republican leaning district in Maine, which in her opinion might very well decide the Presidency (apparently the district in Nebraska that Obama thought he might be able to get is now off the table). She said she has very little doubt that the public polling is part of a “concerted voter suppression effort” by the MSM. She said IBD/TIPP was the only outfit doing public polling that was “worth a bucket of warm pxxs”. […]
Now, one doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure all of this out and I would like to say something as definitively, honestly and succinctly as I possibly can…are you ready? For all of you naysayers out there in Stupid Land that have already thrown in the towel because McCain isn’t your cup of tea, KISS MY…. Putting out the cowardly tripe and mimicking Harry “Dingy” Reid and saying All IS Lost when the battle lines haven’t even been formed yet, I would like to say the following…it is a good damn thing we never served in the same Company, Brigade, Battalion or even the same TO for that matter. Damn. What will you ever do with yourselves when the going really gets tough?