US Intelligence Director must have taken a sip of the “bad” kool aid. The kind only heard about in urban legends—spiked with some high-tech LSD. That is the only explanation. Somehow he got he hands on the famed “brown acid” from Woodstock–the bad stuff (if you don’t know what that is you are too young to understand).

Yesterday Blair told congress that Tehran has not yet made the decision to pursue weapons.

The overall situation — and the intelligence community agrees on this — [is] that Iran has not decided to press forward . . . to have a nuclear weapon on top of a ballistic missile,” Blair told the Senate Armed Services Committee. “Our current estimate is that the minimum time at which Iran could technically produce the amount of highly enriched uranium for a single weapon is 2010 to 2015.”

He continued with his opinion that Iran’s missile program has nothing to do with their Nuclear program.

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“I believe those are separate decisions,” Blair said. “The same missiles can launch vehicles into space. They can launch warheads, either conventional or nuclear, onto . . . land targets, and Iran is pursuing those — for those multiple purposes. Whether they develop a nuclear weapon which could then be put in that . . . warhead, I believe, is a . . . separate decision which Iran has not made yet.”

Now I understand why Blair made the Freeman appointment.  His judgment is as bad as Freeman’s.  Blair’s fantasy world about Iranian Nukes flies in the face of all of the evidence presented over the past few weeks.

For example last week the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mullen told CNN’s “State of the Union” program that he believed Iran had enough fissile material for a nuclear weapon. We think they do, quite frankly,” said Mullen, who reiterated the dangers of a nuclear-armed Iran. Iran having nuclear weapons, I’ve believed for a long time, is a very, very bad outcome — for the region and for the world,” Mullen said.

Jerusalem Post reported that Israel’s Director of Intelligence, General Yadlin, warned that Iran has crossed the Rubicon, and was quickly advancing toward building a bomb.

Iran is continuing to amass hundreds of kilograms of low-enriched uranium, and it hopes to exploit the dialogue with the West and Washington to advance toward the production of an atomic bomb,” he said.  Yadlin said the Islamic republic hoped to use the expected dialogue with the Obama administration to buy time to procure the amount of high-enriched uranium needed to build a bomb. “Iran’s plan for the continuation of its nuclear program while simultaneously holding talks with the new administration in Washington is being received with caution in the Middle East,” the intelligence chief said. “The moderates are worried that this approach will come at their expense and will be used by the radical axis to continue to carry out terror activities and rearm. In contrast, those in the radical axis are saying that despite the change in the Americans’ stance, they will continue to act against them.”

And to top it all off, Blair, Mullen and Yadlin were all reading the same intelligence!! This observer believes that Blair’s testimony has more to do with President Obama’s desire to engage Iran than the truth.

In a related story, Iranian President Ahmadinejad had to cancel all of his presonal appearences today, as he couldn’t stop laughing at Dennis Blair’s Testimony.