Its almost like one of those horror films I used to watch every week on Chiller Theater. Once the monster attacks the city (usually Tokyo) everyone tries to get out as soon as possible.  That is the picture of independent voters projected by the latest Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll.

President Approval Rating: Democrats continue to support the President, Republicans continue disapprove. The real news is that the POTUS’ approval among independents fell from 54 to 49% over the past three weeks.

More Likely to Vote For Which Party in 2010. Interestingly the percentage of people who answered that they will vote Republican grew  slightly amongst Democrats 3 to 7% and Republicans 83 to 86%, and took a giant leap amongst independents 31 to 38%.

Are You Satisfied the Way the Country Is Heading? In a rare exception, while all three voter types are more dissatisfied with the country’s heading than the last time this question was asked (April), it is the Democrats who are shifting the fastest from 26-39%.  The over all number grew from 53-61%

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Do you think taxes will go up or down under Obama: More and more American’s expect to be smacked in the pocket book (75%) under the present administration.  Even a Majority of Democrats (57%) expect to be financially hosed. A plurality of Democrats (48%) and a majority of Republicans (91%) and independents (71%) expect the POTUS to break his promise not to tax anyone outside the top 5% of income earners

Should the Government Return the Unspent part of the Stimulus to the People: Yes, yes, yes !! All three voter blocks,including the Democrats (59%), and Independents (70%) feel that the unspent part of the stimulus should be returned to the tax payers.

Do you favor or oppose the health care legislation being considered right now: The percentage of independents opposing the plan grew from 43 to 50%. Independent supporters fell from 33 to 27%.

What Should be a Higher Priority Cutting the Deficit or Reforming Health Care: Both the Republicans (81%) and independents (59%) favor cutting the budget, Democrats are the only ones that favor Health Care (55%). Republicans (76%) and independents (58%) are worried that the horror stories they hear about state-run health care in other countries will happen in the US if Obamacare is passed.

Are the Protests at Town Halls Real?: The majority of Republicans (74%)  and plurality of Independents (49%) believe that the Town Hall protests are real, a plurality of Democrats agree with Nancy Pelosi that they are fake (44%).

Government is Too Involved in Our Lives: This is the real divide in the country, Republicans (82%) and independents (58%) believe that government is intruding to far into our lives.  Democrats (51%) feel that the amount of intrusion is just right.

The Obama administration has made a gross miscalculation. The election of Barack Obama might have been about change but it was not about repudiation of everything that America stands for. Even the election night polling showed that America is still a center-right country. The Obamacare legislation being considered now goes against the values on which this country was founded. The polls show that there are more people that agree with the traditional values of liberty that is the base of our constitution, than agree with the vision of change the President is trying to shove down our collective throats. That’s why there were tea parties in April, that’s why there are Town Hall protests today.

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