Sometimes I am like Don Quixote, as soon as someone threatens my beautiful Dulcinea (or in my case Israel and the Jewish People) I grab my lance and attack the first windmill I see. Most of the time it is passionate and hard hitting, sometimes it is wrong. Like many of you I felt sick to my stomach about the Baker report yesterday. I grabbed my lance and posted my feelings, I lashed out at Baker (Justified), I lashed out and Jewish Democrats (unjustified) and even sent out an email to my favorite blogs and asked them to lead the charge (none of my F**K*N business) To all of those that I might have hurt I am sorry. This battle against the Baker Monster will be a long tough one that we WILL win but only if we stay together. I promise to try to keep divisiveness out of my posts (but you have to allow me one Ted Kennedy joke once in a while). And I promise to try not to lead a charge before I think it through. It was Yael at Boker Tov Boulder and Smoothstone who put this in perspective for me.

One Smoothstone Said

I often think that the best way to get the message out is to go to the enemy’s site and post there – harass them on their own turf, of course, under a different screen name. Currently, we are all preaching to the choir. The enemy doesn’t visit my site but rarely, and I rarely ever go to the enemy’s site so whose minds are we changing? I don’t know, I have some regular readers, but I don’t know. Whatever you do, don’t give up. The blogosphere is competitive, and sometimes, like-minded bloggers won’t always link or acknowledge other similar sites. I didn’t start a blog to become popular, I started this blog because I was disgusted with Arab Muslim hatred of Jews. I’ve been doing this for more than 3 years and before that, well, I was elsewhere combatting Jew hatred. All in all, I’ve been doing this for 10 years and I saw it happening, I saw it back in 1999 and 2000 the hatred, and when WWIII began on 9/11, I was not surprised. Regardless, keep it up, everyone is trying their best.

Someone once told me that there are three “D’s” of Jewish action; Dahvening, Donating and Doing. Everyone has it in them to do some combination of the three, and everyone does it in their own way, with their own stance. Even when I am on my horse charging for the windmill I do recognize that most of us are working just as hard or even harder than I am. It’s just that sometimes I am too busy controlling the horse to control the link between the keyboard and my pen..

Last night I was chatting with my friend Chaim from Freedoms Cost. He wrote a great post about the whole Baker thing, it was passionate and it added something new to the discussion. He asked me what I thought of it. At first I said it needed more screaming and kicking. But after I gave it some thought I told him to leave it. I come to issues like a bull in a china shop; he comes to issues as a passionate gentleman. My approach is not the only one that works. As Chaim told me, maybe it was Boltons approach to resign rather than be a party to the Baker mess. I promise to try my best to appreciate and celebrate everyone’s approach. If I slip please slap me via email.

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Hard times for our people are ahead and we must hang together, Democrat and Republican, Reform, Conservative and Orthodox. Those who wear Black Hats, those who wear Kippas even those who have funny looking comb-overs. Everyone has their own pet issue to fight for, be it islamic Fascisim, recognition of Israel’s victims, or those who chase every windmill in sight—In the end we are all in the same fight. As Ben Franklin said, ” We must hang together, because if we don’t we will most assuredly hang separately.”