Yesterday King Abdullah the Tiny said that Israel’s unilateral actions his comments were echoed by the President of the United States, who over the past 14 months has lost his moral backbone to fight the war on terror, especially when it is terrorism against Israel. Two clips from today’s news show the true impediment to peace:

  • 4 Qassams lands in Sderot, one woman suffers shock Shabbat eve in Sderot interrupted by Color Red Alter, as four rockets hit the city. Pregnant woman suffers shock, one house sustains damage. Islamic Jihad’s al-Quds Brigades claim responsibility. The Color Red alert was sounded in the city shortly after the commencement of the Shabbat. One woman, nine-months pregnant, suffered shock and was treated by Magen David Adom emergency services on site. The house’s windows were shattered.

This comes only one week after Abbas’ henchmen killed two young Israelis.

Mr. President, TERRORISM is the impediment to peace. Settlements don’t kill people, terrorists do. Somewhere around last year’s midterm elections you lost your way. You better find it soon or the terrorists will learn that the west has no resolve.