As the immigration crisis grows here in the United States, we will undoubtedly find many previously unconvinced politicians changing their tunes altogether because it landed on their doorstep. After initially complaining about the illegal aliens being shipped to NYC, now the Mayor’s team is giving them luxury accommodations and a program giving out free college.

That’s because a crisis of this magnitude will only balloon further without intervention. It is well understood that the Biden administration is either incapable or unwilling to do the job. This negligence has led to a significant widening of the scope of the problem, forcing even Democrats in one of the bluest cities on the planet to lash out.

Robert Holden joined “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday to discuss why he opposes the immigration policies of the Biden administration and criticized Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul.

Holden said New York City Mayor Eric Adams is “trying” to come up with plans to deal with the influx, including reportedly repurposing a building in Times Square that was the former home of a 24-hour McDonald’s.

The councilman refused to hold back.

The picture to the right is one hotel where the NYC Mayor’s office houses illegal aliens. It’s a luxury hotel called “The Row.”

Holden said the migrants should “should stay in Mexico,” and noted that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office in Manhattan is “booked for the next 10 years.”

Because of this, Holden said, asylum applications cannot be processed, so migrants are unable to work. In the meantime, migrants are receiving “shelter, they’re getting food, clothing, and they’re getting cell phones,” he said.

The news comes just months after residents of Martha’s Vineyard privately expressed outrage after immigrants were shuttled to the wealthy locale by Texas lawmakers, similarly proving that the left’s outward acceptance runs only skin deep…and only when the cameras are on.

In July 2022, NYC Mayor Adams was whining about the aliens being shipped from Texas to NYC. While Democrats believe in redistribution of income, He was upset because he believed southern border states should shoulder the entire burden of Biden’s open border policy. In other words, Adams did not believe in the redistribution of illegal aliens.

Only ten months after complaining, Adams started a go-to-college-free program for criminally trespassing aliens and their children. 

On Thursday, Mayor Adams announced a plan to send recently-arrived migrants to college for a year at the State University of New York’s Sullivan Community College, fully paid by New York City. That’s $12,000 a year for tuition and room and board per student. The plan is the brainchild of the city’s newly-created Office of Asylum Seekers Operations, an agency that was formally announced on Tuesday. (Talk about bureaucratic efficiency!)

This would be the same Mayor Adams who estimates that his cash-strapped city will spend $4.2 billion in the next year to provide for the 50,700 (and counting) migrants who have arrived in the Big Apple since President Biden unleashed an unprecedented wave of illegal immigration. (For the record, that works out to $82,840 per migrant.) Adams has been pleading with the federal government for assistance to cover those costs, which he knows he’s not going to get.

What does this all mean? If you are an American with problems paying rent or for your kid’s college, there is an easy solution. Get a ride into Mexico and return to the US by walking across the Rio Grande. After you return to America, tell the nearest immigration attorney (they are the border state equivalent of ambulance chasers) that you want to be put on one of those buses into NYC, and boom, free room in a luxury hotel and free college education.

Parts of this post were first seen at Liberty Hub